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How to Find a Job in China as a “Non-native” Expat

Jan 21, 2016 Comments(59)

If you follow job ads in China closely, you will soon find there is no lack of work in sight for “native teachers/writers/consultants”, provided, of course, they come from the US, Canada, Australia or another “English-speaking” country. But what about the “non native” expats in China? Read more>>

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5 Things to Expect When Job Hunting in China HOT

May 15, 2014 Comments(47)

You’ve updated your CV and you’re ready to start your next big job hunting adventure, this time in China. Whether you’re looking for your first China job or your fifth, navigating the job market here can be tricky at times. ... Read More>>

Beginners Guide: An Introduction to Working in China HOT

Jan 27, 2014

China is a world of possibility. You’ll find jobs here that you could never find at home and you’ll find people here that will change your view of the world. However, not everything is sunshine and daisies, working can be hard and there are constant obstacles. ...Read More>>

Common Jobs for Foreigners in China HOT

Jan 24, 2014 Comments(17)

Knowing where to start is always the hardest part, but if you look in the right place for long enough you’ll find something for you. Here is a list of common jobs for foreigners in China. Perhaps one of them fits you to a T.... Read More>>

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