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Great Business Interpreter/Translator in Hangzhou

allanguan  Dec 18, 2012

Contact Allan via:E-mail:allanguan888@gmail.comSkype: allanguan888 What Allan can do for you?Business travel with you in China. -- With 8 years international business experience.Business fair. – Not only an interpreter, but also a sales person.Business tracking. – Help contact with potential buyers.Business Negotiation. – Very good at this, ... Read More>>

Manufacturing :The end of cheap China

linson  Dec 18, 2012 Comments(1)

TRAVEL by ferry from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, in one of the regions that makes China the workshop of the world, and an enormous billboard greets you: “Time is Money, Efficiency is Life”.China is the world's largest manufacturing power. Its output of televisions, smartphones, steel pipes and other things you can drop on your foot surpassed ... Read More>>

Rules Of The Game In Online Chinese Dating

linson  Dec 17, 2012

One nice thing about a five-thousand year oldculture is that there are rules. Many of the men onthe online Chinese dating site I belong to - and I'm assuming all of the women - already know the basicChinese dating rules. But some of the guys may not. I had no idea about what follows when I first arrived inChina from America. Instead I assumed ... Read More>>

China to keep steady policies, deepen reforms next year

shasha01  Dec 17, 2012

China will maintain a “prudent” monetary policy and a pro-active fiscal policy next year, leaving room for manoeuvre in the face of global uncertainties, the official Xinhua news agency said after the country’s annual policy-setting conference on Sunday.Chinese leaders will also push forward the next stage of economic reforms “with greater ... Read More>>

Christmas Musical Show for kids!

262362  Dec 15, 2012

Dear friends,It is our pleasure to invite you to the Musical show for kids!In these cold days only friends can keep you warm!So come and join us at the "Santa's Christmas journey" with uniquechoir, Santa Claus and games for kids!23.12.2012, 18:30蓝宝石展艺馆 "Sapphire Art Space”广州市环市东路华侨新­村路口文化假日酒店二­楼2 ... Read More>>

2012 Christmas Train Launch & Tree Lighting Ceremony

HiltonBeijing  Dec 14, 2012

The highly anticipated 18th Annual Hilton BeijingChristmas Tree Lighting Ceremony has taken place on Saturday December 1st,2012. Ms. World 2012– Wenxia Yu arrived the ceremony andswitched lights with Mr. Michael Nagel. This year’s event feature musical performances by churchchoirs, a charity bazaar and other special holiday programs. For the ... Read More>>

Early Morning Rant About Beijing Taxi Drivers

Bumblebee  Dec 14, 2012 Comments(1)

I love the snow. There’s something so peaceful and tranquil about a snow-covered city. A sense of quietness and calm seems to accompany the blanket of snow. On days like this I tend to feel upbeat and positive about the world and mankind.Well, that all changed this morning when I encountered an [insert swear word beginning with ‘a’ here] taxi ... Read More>>

Rent different style apartments in shenzhen

Gloria_you  Dec 13, 2012 Comments(1)

We are from Radiance Real Estate Service ;ltd, We have different style apartments located Near Coco Park, Futian, Near KKmall, Luohu, Near Coastal City, houhai MTR, Near SZU, taoyuan MTR, Near sea world , Shekou,Coastal Rose Garden(CRG),The Peninsula. We can provide you a dream home in shenzhen. Also , we can provide other service if you need , ... Read More>>

Looking for English Chinese exchange

Yuki_  Dec 12, 2012

I am a shanghai girl, 22 year old. I am looking for a person who speak English and wants to learn mandarin , hoping to get my englishi better.I am a university student and would have to make some new friends, please contract me if you are interested. qq: 215571598 Read More>>

Things Used to Be so Much Cheaper Back in the Day

Bumblebee  Dec 12, 2012 Comments(1)

Lately, I’ve caught myself sounding like an elder from my hometown: “Back in my day a loaf of bread only cost 10 pence.” All of us who’ve lived in China for a couple of years are acutely aware of the inflation and ensuing price hikes that have been reaping havoc with the price tags of nearly everything (15 kuai for a bowl of lamian, are you ... Read More>>

Giving one a way out

tech  Dec 12, 2012 Comments(1)

Beginning with Yu the Great, the Xia Dynasty had lasted about 400 years before Jie became the supreme ruler.www.xiaogushi8.comAnd that was in the 18th century BC. Jie was extremely tyrannical and dissolute. This aroused great resentment among the people. Tang, the chief of the tribe Shang, took advantage of this situation to overthrow the Xia ... Read More>>

Mend the fold after a sheep is lost

tech  Dec 12, 2012 Comments(1)

During the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), the State of Chu became less powerful during the reign of King Xiang. The king and his important court officials were dissolute and incompetent and indulged themselves in luxury and excessive pleasure. Zhuang Xin, one of the ministers, foresaw that the country would soon be in danger. One day, he ... Read More>>

Tightfisted Till the End

tech  Dec 12, 2012 Comments(2)

When a very miserly(吝啬的) man nicknamed the "stingy ghost" died and went to hell, the Yama King reproached(责斥) him, saying, "You stingy ghost! When you were alive, you clung hard to everything and wouldn't give to anyone. Even when you saw others in poverty and misery, you refused to offer them help. Also, you didn't take ... Read More>>

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