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What's wrong with this picture: new subway lines open up, subway becomes MORE crowded?

NiceBrice  Jan 25, 2013 Comments(1)

So I can't speak for commuter traffic in other cities (other than my brief time in GZ), but in Beijing, morning and evening rush hour subway rides have become unbearably crowded in the past month or so. What's weird about this situation is that the city just opened a bunch of new lines/extensions, which one would expect would make travel more ... Read More>>

Native English Speaker

rissyg23  Jan 23, 2013 Comments(6)

Native English Speaker.For people seeking a job teaching English in China this is a term which is often seen in the job requirements. I have taken it upon myself to write this blog to address those who have misconstrued this very self explanatory term. A "Native English Speaker " is a person who has been using English as their primary ... Read More>>

Music of the East

easyrider  Jan 23, 2013

I'm at a bit of a loose end.Right now its the awkward time between morning and afternoon lessons - a two,sometimes three hour break depending on my afternoon schedule where I could easily do something productive but instead choose to spend the time fittingly in front of a computer screen, the once keen young brain slowly shifting itself into ... Read More>>

Bargaining Chaos in Beijing Market

darkstar1  Jan 21, 2013 Comments(2)

I consider myself a very calm, collected guy. Well, most of the time. I’m actually pretty proud that out of many of my expat friends, I’m the one who complains the least about the apparent frustrations that China can present us. I thought I had it covered; the crowds, the pollution, the spitting, I had mentally trained myself not to get riled ... Read More>>

Which English is to Follow? American or British, or Australian....?

TeacherTONY  Jan 19, 2013 Comments(12)

TONY My Video on box ( easy to send to any one through email) ShortEssay: Dear perspective employer, I've been in teaching field for more than 18 years.Teaching is my passion and , learning & experiencing new things are my thirst and hunger. Because of these reasons I prefer teaching in different ... Read More>>

Importance of getting quote for shipping from China to Africa

fucellen  Jan 15, 2013 Comments(1)

When you have to ship cargo from China to Africa, getting the quote would be an important step. As we know, obtaining the shipping quotes in advance can not only help us to choose reliable freight forwarding agent, but also obtain cheap shipping. Since you can ship from China to many countries of Africa, like South Africa, Nigeria, now let’s ... Read More>>

Need. Want. Hunt. Exhibition opening

island6  Jan 15, 2013

In island6's first exhibition for 2013, the island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛) tempts you to tease the triggers of your instinct. Through its signature blend of video, animation, photography, sculpture, neon and LED animation, the collective breaks the static and plays with the endings of everyday tales amidst the oft-overlooked sights of ... Read More>>

Is the Curse of Crowd Mentality to Blame for China's Subway Chaos?

Bumblebee  Jan 15, 2013

Before, I always thought the fact that people don't wait for subway commuters to get off first before rushing on, was just blatant stupidity and ignorance. But this view may have been a bit short-sighted. This morning, I stood in a neat line by the subway platform behind an elderly Chinese man. When the train arrived, I was amazed to find that ... Read More>>

Air pollution part II: Buying a face mask

NiceBrice  Jan 15, 2013 Comments(1)

So I finally bit the bullet and bought a face mask yesterday...yeah, 2 days after the worst recorded air pollution the city's ever seen. What can I say, I didn't want to leave the house this weekend, and I really didn't want to spend the money. But my morning commute to work on monday changed my opinion (the somber "oh god I'm going to ... Read More>>

Because: mountain - Contemporary Art Exhibition

Imaginemedia  Jan 14, 2013

Welcome to visit An Exceptional Contemporary Art Exhibition: Because: mountain (Ink and mixed media on paper, Sculpture) featuring 4 international artists: DAWN CSUTOROS (Australian, D.O.B. 1960), NOT VITAL (Swiss, D.O.B. 1948), WANG YONG (Chinese, D.O.B. 1976), ZHANG ZHAOHUI (Chinese, D.O.B. 1965). Poetic (Zhang Zhaohui), mystic (Wang Yong), ... Read More>>

The Musical Goldmines of Chinese Dance Bars

easyrider  Jan 14, 2013

I’m a bit of a party goer, guilty as charged. After a long hard slog at the school teaching I like nothing better than to head down town and have a beer or five, and if I’m with a big group of friends, I’ll even try and make it to a dance club if possible. Chinese clubs, as I’m sure we all know, can vary in quality and clientele. The scale ... Read More>>

This Air Pollution is really bumming me out...

NiceBrice  Jan 11, 2013 Comments(1)

Only a month or so ago did I discover the US embassy's Air Quality Index (which, to my understanding basically indicates how fast Beijing's air is going to kill me) and it's been freaking me out ever since...When I first got to Beijing in September (I started in Guangzhou and then was promptly moved), I didn't really notice the hazy skies or ... Read More>>

Unforeseeable Frolics in the Gym

darkstar1  Jan 09, 2013 Comments(2)

Unforeseeable Frolics in the Gym Well it’s winter, and yes it’s damn well freezing. I’ve even heard reports that this is China’s coldest winter for a long time…as a Californian this makes no difference to me as it’s all cold in my eyes. Anyway,despite the fact of China being cold for a reasonably long time, it only recently came to my ... Read More>>

Kinda upset

newtimehr  Jan 09, 2013 Comments(1)

In view of my job i often meet a lof of different foreigners .As an agent whose major is English .I know culture diffenece between foreigners and Chinese .As a Chinese we always care much about feeling.Sometimes we think in our way and put our thought on foreigers.Such as when seeing a 30 year-old man didn't finish his diploma yet just because ... Read More>>

All Go at the School Talent School

easyrider  Jan 09, 2013 Comments(1)

Having been in China for long enough now I know that daily encounters of events both strange and amusing,intriguing yet frustrating, are nothing out of the ordinary. This was reinforced only the other morning when, upon teaching my students the present perfect grammar (have you ever…), and consequently being asked “teacher, have you ever cooked... Read More>>

Chicken feet and fish head, delicious or disgusting?

Amazingchina  Jan 03, 2013

Why do foreigners throw away the foods that Chinese love? In Canton where I am living now, we have two popular dishes : Chicken feet and fish head, to be honest once we see these dishes on the table we get excited! However, foreigners always look at these dishes with a look of horror , “oh hell, am I supposed to put that into my mouth? ” I can ... Read More>>

Love Scenes in Public

tech  Dec 27, 2012 Comments(1)

Love Scenes in Public Read More>>

I don't want to go to work in winter

lovedthing  Dec 22, 2012

I really want to stay at home.In those time,the weather is really very bad.The office is so clod,it's not like the north of China,there haven't to do the heating system.And it's useless to open the AC heating,it's really not very warm.The company haven't install the Central air conditioning system,The boss's wife is not very nice,she scold us ... Read More>>

What a crazy death

Genie908  Dec 21, 2012

Just crossed the road today,And got hit by a bus.I mistook my toothpaste,for rat poison,and thus,Ohhhh,what a crazy death! I was going swimming,And I forgot to breathe,Then a piano fell on me,And I became 2D,Ohhhh,what a crazy death! My friend was trying to kill himself,Instead he just shot me,I got lots of bananas,I forgot to stop ... Read More>>

Party at Night Club

tech  Dec 20, 2012

Party at Night Clubpretty women Read More>>

Are you Xinjiangneese?

Amazingchina  Dec 20, 2012

It often happens when I am with my foreigner colleagues or friends who don’t have typical features such as blonde hair and blue eyes, that we’re often interrupted by some people :”Hi ni hao, is that your friend?” “Where does he come from? Is he Xinjiangneese ? “(one ethnic of Chinese). It is clear what they want to know is “my friend” ... Read More>>

chinese antique furniture shopping in shanghai

gs961157  Dec 19, 2012

Hey! Just came back from Royal's Furniture warehouse, there are a lot of REALLY nice things! I am def planning on buying once I am out of apartment limbo. That should be soon (fingers crossed). I can't believe it, it's literally less than something that does the same from Ikea and obviously much much much nicer! I have friends who are chomping ... Read More>>

Buying a Knife in Beijing is Not as Straightforward as One May Think

Bumblebee  Dec 19, 2012 Comments(1)

A good knife makes all the difference in the kitchen. And while living in China, where we really need to push ourselves to actually use our kitchens at all, every little incentive helps. So that's why, after months of using a semi-blunt knife to painfully mutilate vegetables and meat with, I finally decided to drop a little cash for something ... Read More>>

Great Business Interpreter in Hangzhou!

allanguan  Dec 18, 2012

Contact Allan via:E-mail:allanguan888@gmail.comSkype: allanguan888 What Allan can do for you?Business travel with you in China. -- With 8 years international business experience.Business fair. – Not only an interpreter, but also a sales person.Business tracking. – Help contact with potential buyers.Business Negotiation. – Very good at this, ... Read More>>

Great Business Interpreter/Translator in Hangzhou

allanguan  Dec 18, 2012

Contact Allan via:E-mail:allanguan888@gmail.comSkype: allanguan888 What Allan can do for you?Business travel with you in China. -- With 8 years international business experience.Business fair. – Not only an interpreter, but also a sales person.Business tracking. – Help contact with potential buyers.Business Negotiation. – Very good at this, ... Read More>>

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