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Happy Life in China Featured

AmlanAparajit  Mar 14, 2016 Comments(9)

Embrace the differences and get behind the mindset of Chinese culture. I’m writing down some tips that would help newcomers and also the expats who have been here for a while feel happy and content.I’ve been living in China for about two years now. Soon I will be celebrating 2nd anniversary of my love affair with China and its citizens. I ... Read More>>

How to over-come intercultural communication barriers

Tabani  Mar 12, 2016 Comments(2)

As human beings, we enjoy to talk, share ideas and express feelings. Since we are living in a global village, we have to work on our inter-cultural communication skills so as to communicate effectively with members of diffirent cultures. Here are some of the tips on how to deal with intercultural communication barriers:Avoid ambiguity and ... Read More>>

East v West - When Parenting Styles Clash Featured

adb2014  Mar 08, 2016 Comments(7)

Life as a parent can be difficult. It’s tiring, stressful, kills your social life and can be emotionally and financially draining. However, these are mere irritations compared to the challenges of raising kids in a different culture, in a family with completely different methods to my own. As well as learning on the job, I feel like I’m ... Read More>>

Hopes for the Year of the Monkey

thabet_sava  Feb 19, 2016 Comments(1)

As the Year of the Goat came to an end along with the arrival of the Year of the Monkey, I sat down to contemplate about the highlights of the passing year and my hopes and aspirations for the new one. One of the highlights of the year of the goat was my discovery of the mesmerizing beauty of Guilin. After residing in China for more than 12 ... Read More>>

getting a job, is really a challenge!

arlenemae  Feb 18, 2016 Comments(6)

Looking for a job now adays is really a big challenge. You have to consider so many things. Your educational background, experiences, and a lot more.I am currently employed but still looking for a better job. Everyone who is reading this blog can relate to my situation "thinking the best for my family" is the inspiration that I have to continue ... Read More>>

And So It Goes Featured

Sinobear  Feb 17, 2016 Comments(2)

Here’s the story of a friend I’ll call ‘Xena’.Xena was hired to be the Vice-Principal of a school to teach young Americans Chinese (their parents have hopes and even expectations that their child will later attend a prestigious Chinese university).Problem is, Xena cannot read, write or speak Chinese. Her only qualification is that she used ... Read More>>

Fantasy and Reality: My expat life in China

Jasongogogo  Jan 29, 2016 Comments(9)

A few months ago I left home, seeking adventure in a mysterious and daunting land: China. With its long history, beautiful scenery and unique culture, I have been forever fascinated with this country. As many other expatriates, I came to China as an ESL teacher and totally fell in love with it after living here for just a couple of months. The ... Read More>>

How strict are Chinese laws Featured

GaliaSlavova  Jan 05, 2016 Comments(7)

More than a year ago my arrival in China was a mixture of curiosity, strong positive bias to learn and to implement my knowledge and skills (strange, but well supported with my 15 years successful career in Europe). A year ago this all is like some lost dream and recently I have received a fair letter from another expat residing in China, ... Read More>>

Estonia Girls in China -- A Brave Ziroomer

JulieChow151202  Dec 12, 2015 Comments(1)

Gerda, a two-month-old Ziroomer, came afar from the Northern European country Estonia to Shenzhen. As a huge fan of Chinese culture, when asked to describe China's newly rising city Shenzhen, she chooses the word CONTRAST. Gerda grew up in Estonia, once studied in Denmark and Norway and now live in China. If she is to determine where to live in ... Read More>>

Winter is here, is there a way to stay positive?

mindmatters  Nov 27, 2015 Comments(4)

Here we are, life has taken us to China. As amazing as this period of our lives can be, many times we meet challenges and quickly enough, find ourselves feeling depressed and pretty soon we start looking at the bad side of everything, the pollution, the food, the people and so on. Finally we feel that maybe it was a mistake coming to China. And ... Read More>>

Almost midnight in Beijing

passionmaker  Nov 26, 2015 Comments(1)

Almost midnight in Beijing, no even December but there is snow everywhere. Just came back from outside. My house is very warm, even so I feel it is colder inside me than outside.People coming, people leaving. Just me here still waiting for you. I have a big window in my home, I can see half o Beijing through it. But I cannot see you.I know you ... Read More>>

Why Chinese Couples Now (In My Opinion) Prefer Daughters Featured

adb2014  Nov 25, 2015 Comments(10)

For so long I was lead to believe that all expectant Chinese couples prefer boys. Maybe in many small to mid-sized cities, that's still very much the case. Here in the first-tier city of Guangzhou however, I've noticed a change of attitude from many expectant parents in my work and social life. With the abolition of the one-child policy, there's ... Read More>>

The Administration Horror or How not to loose nerves when dealing with Administrative issues Featured

GaliaSlavova  Nov 21, 2015 Comments(12)

I have been doing consulting for many years in my native Europe, but never expected that coming to China for abrupt carer change and idea for getting new skills and knowledge will make me again entering the shoes of a trouble-shooting guy. And this time trouble shooting was in aspect of my own employment and visa issues, which first seemed to be ... Read More>>

The Administration Horror or How not to loose nerves when dealing with Administrative issues

GaliaSlavova  Nov 21, 2015 Comments(1)

I have been doing consulting for many years in my native Europe, but never expected that coming to China for abrupt carer change and idea for getting new skills and knowledge will make me again entering the shoes of a trouble-shooting guy. And this time trouble shooting was in aspect of my own employment and visa issues, which first seemed to be ... Read More>>

Sichuan Cuisine

apartmentrent  Nov 12, 2015 Comments(2)

Sichuan Cuisine or Chuan Cuisine as one of the eight major Chinese cuisines enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad and has a long history. Sichuan, which was called “Ba Shu” in ancient times, boasts the title of “The Land of Abundance”.It is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and surrounded by mountains with a ... Read More>>

Local Dishes Restaurants in Suzhou

apartmentrent  Nov 12, 2015 Comments(2)

Deyuelou RestaurantFounded during the years under Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, the Deyuelou Restaurant has a history of over 400 years and mainly specializes in Suzhou cuisine. The restaurant consists of three smaller restaurants featuring different flavors. More than 300 dishes are served. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a nice view of the ... Read More>>

How to improve Mandarin listening skills

cara.b  Nov 11, 2015 Comments(4)

No matter how much you read and practice your tones and learn characters, it can be disappointing and even downright discouraging when you still have trouble understanding what you’re hearing. Here are some tips to help you improve your Mandarin listening comprehension.There are many ways to improve your Chinese listening. The most effective ... Read More>>

Children Teaching Adults, Really?

ada1351  Oct 21, 2015 Comments(4)

A lot has been documented about the foreign teacher trudging thousands of miles to teach English as a foreign language. Many expats and foreign students in China have joined the new English Language Education Frontier. A quick glance at the daily new job openings on echinacities and many more job sites in China show that the demand for English ... Read More>>


hmvanhanen  Oct 18, 2015 Comments(2)

When I arrive in Riyuewan (The Sun and the Moon bay) in Hainan, China’s coconut island, I’m struck in awe by the colors. The azure blue sky spreads over the pale turquoise sea whose waves lazily roll at the beach of fine, golden sand, and the whole view is framed by palm trees. The air is fresh and moist, and the beach is almost deserted. ... Read More>>

no power or water thoughts

BHGAL  Oct 08, 2015 Comments(2)

2015-10-08Random thoughts recorded during and after typhoon Mujigae. 04/10/2015 12:15 PMRelentless stormI have been in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China for 4 years, had a number of typhoons (MAYBE 4) pass through here.Never had a direct hit though, I guess. This barrage is not even a typhoon, just a tropical storm or depression as the meteorologists ... Read More>>

Shopping Experiences in China Featured

adb2014  Oct 06, 2015 Comments(5)

This blog is aimed mainly at the newer arrivals who are about to go shopping in China for the first time. Whether you choose to frequent the big chain department stores or the thousands of 'hole in the wall' stores in any city, here are some important things I've learned.1. Shopping dialogues in textbooks aren't very helpfulWhen I was reading ... Read More>>

Top 5 tips for surviving your first ESL class..

beng56  Sep 16, 2015 Comments(2)

大家好!你们今天怎么样?OK, guys today I will cover surviving your first ESL class.Walking into the classroom to teach your first class is nerve racking no matter the amount of training you have had.As a new teacher in China, you can expect to be thrown into the classroom unprepared and expected to teach right off the bat.I myself had an awful ... Read More>>

Jennifer Lawrence Tops Forbes List of Highest-Paid Film Actresses of 2015

cherrielou  Aug 24, 2015 Comments(4)

Forbes has released its list of best-paid actresses, and it will come asno surprise at all that 25-year-old J.Law is crushing it at the very top. Lawrence raked in $52 million pre-tax during Forbes’ 12-month time frame — nearly $20 million more than in 2014. She stole the top spot from Sandra Bullock (who went from $51 million to $8 million). ... Read More>>

Do Russian people really drink Vodka and keep bears as pets?

miss_smith  Aug 24, 2015 Comments(1)

I've heard so many stereotypes about Russians, that I have to explain some things to you.1. VodkaWe are not alcoholics. I've been to China and trust me, they drink MUCH MORE. The difference is that we KNOW HOW to drink and most of other nations don't. That's why we can drink more and don't fall asleep or vomit. 2. Russian girls.Yes, we are ... Read More>>

Interview with Daoist priest and scholar, Master Xuzhong

wandering_dao  Aug 20, 2015 Comments(2)

This week we have been very lucky to have a Daoist Priest and Scholar staying with us, Master Xuzhong. For the last 6 days he has been kind enough to answer all our weird and wonderful questions about life, the universe and all things in between. He even made time to complete our Daoist Astrology charts, a really enlightening experience.Before ... Read More>>

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