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The Best Taobao Shops for Large-Sized Women’s Shoes

Coffaholic  Mar 25, 2013 Comments(6)

Prior to arriving in China, I thought I was moving to the shopping paradise of the globe since EVERYTHING has the ‘Made in China’ tag on it. From funky dresses and accessories at Top Shop to ultra hip shoes from Office and Nine West, everything seemed to originate from the country I was about to move to. But boy was I disappointed. ... Read More>>

Will China Change for the World or Will the World Change for China?

easyrider  Mar 21, 2013

This has been something that’s been on my mind a lot of late. I recently met up with an old pal of mine who has been living in Switzerland for the past few years and I was really surprised when he told about the extent that Switzerland has had to adapt its tourist market for wealthy Chinese. He told me of little “China ... Read More>>

Have You Seen This Hilarious New English Learning Sensation in China?

Coffaholic  Mar 21, 2013 Comments(2)

A hilarious post on WeChat caught my attention recently. Basically, it’s a list of English words, the Chinese meaning, and a list of Chinese words that when put together, sound a bit like the English. What makes this is so interesting is the fact that all the Chinese words used to pronounce the English one, are actually related to the ... Read More>>

Tips for Maintaining Long Distance Relationships in China

Moonlake  Mar 18, 2013 Comments(17)

My name is Moonlake and I survived a long-distance relationship between China and Europe. In a few months, I intend to walk down the aisle to wed my amazing Chinese fiancé, promising to love, support and cherish him until the end of my days. But this love story wasn’t smooth-sailing all the time. We met while I was studying Chinese ... Read More>>

Food China Has Taught Me to Love

darkstar1  Mar 18, 2013 Comments(1)

Despite obvious food safety concerns and the like, China is still a culinary paradise for many reasons, and is known for its countless ingenious ways of cooking various types of foods in weird and wonderful ways. I have to say, that prior to my arrival in China I was a bit conservative on the old food front and stuck to my guns regarding what I ... Read More>>

The biggest Viewing platform in China

panda028  Mar 17, 2013

Niu Bei Mountain (360° Viewing platform) Is located at latitude 29.75,longitude 102.36,3600 m above sea level。The unbeatable position of Niu Bei Mountain attracted so many Photograph enthusiasts and hikers. From the niu bei mountain peak has a 360 ° viewing platform,you can see the sea of clouds, cloud waterfall, sunrise and the top ... Read More>>

Teaching English for the Long Term – Is it Really Worth It?

easyrider  Mar 15, 2013

I’ve been in this gig for several years now and I can say it’s a pretty fun job most of the time. I have a pretty relaxed schedule, live in a pretty chilled out city and get a decent enough salary to live comfortably and make some considerable savings for potential travelling or whatever. It’s not such a bad life. In our ... Read More>>

Materialism in Dating: a Social Malady or a Feature of Development?

Moonlake  Mar 14, 2013 Comments(3)

Ever since Ma Nuo’s famous utterance of, what some would term, pure greed and materialism, increasing attention is being placed on young people’s material wants and how it influences China’s dating scene. For those of you who don’t regularly tune into “If You are the One”, a popular dating reality show, Ma ... Read More>>

Is China’s Rise Really a Peaceful One?

darkstar1  Mar 13, 2013 Comments(1)

Ok, I’m about to open a can of political worms with this one, though who doesn’t savour the opportunity to be an armchair pundit with almost no expertise on a subject which has been widely discussed by experts across the world? I certainly don’t, and this has been something on my mind of late. Yes China – I’m asking ... Read More>>

Posh Nosh – Trying (and Failing) to Live to Eat during Beijing’s Restaurant Week

OwainLW  Mar 11, 2013

Being British, many people would assume that a love of good food isn’t something that stifles its way into my thoughts too often, and I would say that most of the time, they’re right. I like my curry, my pizza, my Cantonese…it’s all good but I’ve never been too fussy about exactly it is I eat (save for the fact ... Read More>>

The Changchun Baby Killer: Nothing is Going to Change

Coffaholic  Mar 08, 2013 Comments(1)

I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrific murder of the 2-month baby boy in Changchun by now. If not, let me remind you. On Mar 4, Mr. Xu pulled up his car beside his convenience store and ran in to turn on the heating. He left the motor on as he didn’t intend to stay in the shop long. At that moment, a man saw an opportunity ... Read More>>

An Evening in Gulou: My Shameful Part in the Destruction of Beijing’s Hutongs

darkstar1  Mar 08, 2013

I recall an evening roughly a year ago where I was with a group of friends heading back home after a night out in one of the many chilled out bars located around Beijing’s Gulou area. In a turn of events that would surely contradict any perception of construction safety anywhere outside of China, we were approached by these bar owners who ... Read More>>

Where is another Jean valjean now? Refelction by movie << Les miserable>>

Amazingchina  Mar 07, 2013

My tears was full of my eyes, wet my face, again and again, My heart was touched by a great man with unordinary life, Jean Valjean, from a prisoner that is full of hate and despair, Turn into a brave man with kindness, forgiveness and love for humanity. Nowadays, where is another Jean Valjean ? I think we generation are still selfish, cold and ... Read More>>

Tongxinglian in the Big City: A Taste of the LGBT Scene in China

Moonlake  Mar 07, 2013

China’s dating scene can be complicated for the best and most enthusiastic of people. Being an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) individual can make dating seem like even more of an obstacle filled battlefield. While homosexuality is no longer illegal (made legal in 1997) and no longer considered a mental illness (definition ... Read More>>

Chinese Character Fun

OwainLW  Mar 06, 2013

First things first, although living in China does provide me with enough annoyances and frustrations to keep me going until I’m well and truly in the grave, there are some things which keep me happy here and remind me of my decision to come to China in the first place. They usually revolve around aesthetic things such as food, landscape, ... Read More>>

Public Displays of Affection: China Vs. The Rest of the World

Moonlake  Mar 05, 2013

China is extremely couple-y. I seriously cannot go anywhere without seeing couples. And boy, are they in love. Couples in other countries can get a little creepy in public with overly touchy public displays of affection. PDA is popular in China as well, but in very different forms than in the rest of the world (thank god). A big part of Chinese ... Read More>>

A Weekend in Tianjin – 1st and 2nd Tier City Chasms

darkstar1  Mar 04, 2013

I’ve been living in Beijing for a few years now, and though I don’t think it can quite claim to have full “international city” status in the why that Hong Kong or possibly Shanghai do, it’s still pretty modern and forward-thinking enough for a dumbass foreigner like me to maraud their way around relatively ... Read More>>

Mekong killers before execution in china

leonelle  Mar 01, 2013

It is an unprecedented move for Chinese state TV to cover the execution of criminals live, especially when foreigners are involved, although the scenes of execution were not shown on the screen. Since CCTV is controlled by the Chinese authorities, there is no doubt that the green light was given by top government officials. It seems that the ... Read More>>

Lack of Sex Education in China Promotes Bad Sexual Habits

Coffaholic  Mar 01, 2013 Comments(8)

Most of my male Chinese acquaintances have received sexual services at a bathhouse or brothel at one stage or another in their life. Most of them see this experience as harmless and as something you get out of your system when you start exploring your sexuality in your mid teens. I was sitting around a table of guys recently when the ... Read More>>

Easyrider’s Amateur Beer Guide Part 2: What to Avoid

easyrider  Mar 01, 2013

Well it’s been a couple of days and I’m back! Did you miss you me? Huh? Oh… Well whatever. I’ve got an afternoon off and it’s still pretty chilly outside so what better thing to do than share my expert (ahem) critiques of various Chinese beers I’ve sampled during my time here. Last time, I gave you a brief ... Read More>>


leonelle  Feb 28, 2013

Bryant posted a photo of himself in a blue suit and the message: "Valentine's day sneaks ready to break Clippers hearts. Big game tonight." The message appeared on Friday, hours before his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, were to play the Clippers. Bryant, who is popular in China, already has at least 326,000 followers. Sina Weibo, which says it ... Read More>>

Beyond Cheesy Pop – A Long Lost Legend

darkstar1  Feb 27, 2013 Comments(2)

Whenever some lays mention to C-pop, Mando-pop, or even J-pop and K-pop for that matter, images of sickly sweet bubblegum vocals and soppy ballads immediately spring to mind. We need only to look at the stars famous here: Wang Leehom, Jay Chow, Li Yuchun…they’re all different masks singing the same voice. That’s not to say ... Read More>>

Sexual Harrassment on the Subway: Are You a Victim Too?

Coffaholic  Feb 27, 2013 Comments(1)

I have been felt up and touched in unwanted places several times on the subway in Beijing over the years. Sometimes the offence is subtle and I wonder if someone just accidentally brushed off me on a crowded subway; but sadly 99% of the time, it is intentional. I’ve experienced ass pinching in many countries – not just China – ... Read More>>

Oscar Red Carpet Report Card: China's Fan Bingbing

Lolitta2  Feb 25, 2013 Comments(3)

Hollywood was ignite with buzz and glamour on Sunday’s 85th Academy Awards in California, with film buffs, fashionistas, celeb addicts, teens and curious onlookers, directing their inquisitive eye on the red carpet entries. Every year, the fashion on the red carpet gets just as much, if not more, attention by paparazzi and media than the actual ... Read More>>

Easyrider’s guide to Passable Chinese Beer

easyrider  Feb 25, 2013 Comments(2)

Granted, it’s more than easy to dismiss the quality and taste of Chinese beer given that most of us are used to sharp-tasting, thick and thirst quenching European brews, but given the fact that China’s summers are relentlessly hot and that sometimes that stereotype about Asian men not being able to hold their drink comes into play, I think the... Read More>>

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