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Streetfood Snacks: My all Time Favorite Delicacies

easyrider  Apr 24, 2013 Comments(1)

Hey all! It’s a warm spring’s morning and as I’ve got the morning free and am nursing a mild hangover I thought I’d give some writing a whirl. Last night a few friends and I headed out for a few street beers as the weather was lovely and I was in an equally lovely mood. Ha! Anyway, during the consumption of said beers we ... Read More>>

Why I’m Staying in China

Moonlake  Apr 23, 2013 Comments(5)

Remember when Mark Kitto posted that article “You’ll never be Chinese” in Prospect Magazine back in August last year and how that led to a wave of similar articles by long-term expats who decided to throw in the towel? Well, having successfully overcome my own personal crisis with China, I thought I’d write about my ... Read More>>

Job hunting in China: How to Find the Good Jobs

Coffaholic  Apr 22, 2013 Comments(8)

It may be true that there are fewer jobs in China specifically for expats these days, and it may also be true that the requirements are much higher now than say five or six years ago. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough non-teaching jobs to go round among the expat community in major cities like Beijing or Shanghai. ... Read More>>

The Silk Road Exploration

judithliang  Apr 18, 2013 Comments(1)

Hi guys! Here are some photos taken during the Silk Road trip!If you are interested in Silk Road Exploration, you can visit here for more photos and information.:D Dunhuang Mogao Caves: It is also known as the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas. The Mogao Caves are the best known of the Chinese Buddhist grottoes. ... Read More>>

Being Sick in China – My Dilemma

darkstar1  Apr 18, 2013 Comments(4)

Being sick in China sucks. Well, being sick anywhere sucks really; but when we’re hit by a barrage of headaches or a nasty cold it seems that the symptoms and the road to recovery are somewhat more magnified than they would be elsewhere. I’m currently struck down with a ruthless cold that has left me at 50% for the past week or so, ... Read More>>

Why China’s Mysterious Western Regions Have Me Under Their Spell

easyrider  Apr 16, 2013 Comments(1)

Now I’ve been up and down the eastern spine of China several times during my short time here, whether it be to see friends, get out of where I am now (Hangzhou) or even take a trip with my school for work. At first, I liked what I saw, and despite the realization that almost all the cities looked the same, I did enjoy the various scenic ... Read More>>

Taobao 101: Communicating with & Knowing the Sellers Before Purchase

Coffaholic  Apr 12, 2013 Comments(1)

Since developing an all-out taobao shopping addiction, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Initially, I thought buying things on Taobao was as straightforward as finding what you want, clicking buy, paying and waiting for the package to arrive. While this is true in many instances, it’s not the case for all situations, as ... Read More>>

Just When I’m Heading Out China Pulls Me Back In…

darkstar1  Apr 11, 2013 Comments(2)

China can very easily get you down. Read the news, cross the road, open your window, look outside, teach a bunch a spoilt brats, and we can all feel the pressure at times and the screaming in our conscious which says “what the hell are you still doing here!” And up until recently, my daily frustrations in Beijing made me wonder what ... Read More>>

Django Unchained No Longer Coming to a Cinema Near You

Bumblebee  Apr 11, 2013 Comments(1)

I’m a big Tarantino fan which is why I was so positively surprised by the news that his latest film “Django Unchained” had passed the Chinese censors and was to be screened in cinemas from today onwards. I was a bit surprised that it got approved however, given Tarantino’s ahem, fondness of extreme violence. Revenge is a ... Read More>>

From Happy Birthday to Kenny G – The Ever Confusing Popularity of Western Music in China

OwainLW  Apr 09, 2013 Comments(1)

The use of Western music in China has always bemused me; from the pulsating beats of “Happy Birthday” pounding against the walls of a misty, dim-lit night club as quasi-wealthy 20-somethings slam down their shots of 3% beer as if it’s vodka, to the sickeningly dull looping Kenny G saxophone riffs that seemed to be installed in ... Read More>>

How to be a Healthy Vegetarian in China

Bumblebee  Apr 08, 2013 Comments(3)

I’ve noticed a remarkable increase in people, mainly foreigners, deciding to become vegetarian in China of late. The number one reason is the fact that they simply don’t trust the meat here. I can totally relate to these vege-converts and have myself drastically reduced my meat intake. I shudder to think of the conditions ... Read More>>

China’s biggest exhibition center for Chinese products in the world "DRAGON MART CANCUN"

jonnathan  Apr 08, 2013

The creation of Chinas biggest exhibition center for Chinese products outside china will take place in the city of Cancun, Mexico, planned to start with the groundbreaking ceremony after the spring festival on February 2013 to be completed in its first stage of seven by May 2014.The proposed complex would house 3,040 showrooms, divided among 14 ... Read More>>

Web of Love Ⅰ: A single man's tryst with online dating

wjit  Apr 07, 2013 Comments(1)

Changing social conditions and norms are making it increasingly difficult for the young people to find a life partner through traditional channels and more and more solitary souls are turning to online dating services in search of a soul mate. In a series of articles, presents the real-life experience of one such man looking for love ... Read More>>


wyunf  Apr 06, 2013 Comments(1)

for the bed Read More>>

Stigma of an English Teacher – Unfair and Elitist

Forgetmenot  Apr 03, 2013 Comments(5)

Teaching in China has a bad rep, from shady schools screwing over foreigners to a widespread belief that teaching does nothing to further your career. While some of these claims bear some truth, the most difficult thing about teaching – for me anyway – is the condescending attitude I get from non-teacher foreigners who ask me about ... Read More>>

Tomb Sweeping Day/Holidays in General: Why I Plan to Do Absolutely Nothing

darkstar1  Apr 02, 2013 Comments(2)

I must say that in general, China has a pretty generous amount of public holidays. In my mind, we’ve only just come out of Chinese New Year and are already about to enter another one with the morbidly named Tomb Sweeping Festival. After that, it’s the May Day Festival, then the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the ... Read More>>

Serious Dating in China: What Foreigners Must Know

Moonlake  Apr 01, 2013 Comments(1)

This topic has been covered quite extensively on this and many other expat sites, and many of the tips are quite generic and can be applied to cross-cultural couples all over the world. But, every now and again it does strike me that there are major differences in attitudes towards marriage between China and the West. Many of these attitudes ... Read More>>

All Eyes on China’s First Lady’s Wardrobe– Is the Attention Justified?

Lolitta2  Mar 28, 2013 Comments(2)

Chinese – and even foreign media to some extent – have been going crazy about China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan, and understandably so. For the first time in China’s modern political history has the spotlight been shone on to the president’s wife. The wives of previous leaders were just some shadow lurking in the ... Read More>>

Traffic Madness – My Off the Wall Solutions to China’s Driving Disaster Cases

easyrider  Mar 28, 2013 Comments(1)

There are obviously many aspects about life in China that can bring us down, though I have to say I think I’ve done ok so far in controlling my anger/mood and simply looking at all the crazy stuff that goes on here with a twinkle in my eye and a light-hearted smile across my lips. Yesterday I saw a pair of chengguans (street police/thugs) ... Read More>>

Never Been in a Chinese Hospital? Read on to Find Out their True Charm….

darkstar1  Mar 26, 2013 Comments(4)

We all worry about the day when our bodies finally give up on us and we have to reluctantly haul ourselves from the comfort of the toilet bowl to the nearby hospital. I’ve been in China for a while now and I must say aside from a couple of instances of food poisonings, I’ve been pretty lucky so far…well that was until last ... Read More>>

The Best Taobao Shops for Large-Sized Women’s Shoes

Coffaholic  Mar 25, 2013 Comments(5)

Prior to arriving in China, I thought I was moving to the shopping paradise of the globe since EVERYTHING has the ‘Made in China’ tag on it. From funky dresses and accessories at Top Shop to ultra hip shoes from Office and Nine West, everything seemed to originate from the country I was about to move to. But boy was I disappointed. ... Read More>>

Will China Change for the World or Will the World Change for China?

easyrider  Mar 21, 2013

This has been something that’s been on my mind a lot of late. I recently met up with an old pal of mine who has been living in Switzerland for the past few years and I was really surprised when he told about the extent that Switzerland has had to adapt its tourist market for wealthy Chinese. He told me of little “China ... Read More>>

Have You Seen This Hilarious New English Learning Sensation in China?

Coffaholic  Mar 21, 2013 Comments(2)

A hilarious post on WeChat caught my attention recently. Basically, it’s a list of English words, the Chinese meaning, and a list of Chinese words that when put together, sound a bit like the English. What makes this is so interesting is the fact that all the Chinese words used to pronounce the English one, are actually related to the ... Read More>>

Tips for Maintaining Long Distance Relationships in China

Moonlake  Mar 18, 2013 Comments(17)

My name is Moonlake and I survived a long-distance relationship between China and Europe. In a few months, I intend to walk down the aisle to wed my amazing Chinese fiancé, promising to love, support and cherish him until the end of my days. But this love story wasn’t smooth-sailing all the time. We met while I was studying Chinese ... Read More>>

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