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Lights, Camera, Action! My Day as an Actor

adb2014  Jan 11, 2015 Comments(7)

One thing I appreciate about living in China is getting job opportunities that wouldn’t be available back home. On top of teaching and freelance writing, I can now add actor to my list of skills. I was sitting at home one weekend watching a DVD when I got a wechat message from one of the local staff in my office. A company specialising in ... Read More>>

Why more and more people learn Chinese?

saren1  Jan 09, 2015 Comments(2)

Why more and more people learn Chinese? (written by Saren) The increasing importance of Mandarin Chinese is closely connected with China becoming an economic superpower in the world. Additionally, China has a huge population, and many of those people go abroad taking with them language and culture. According to the latest statistics China is the ... Read More>>

Why Study a Foreign Language

mandarin_garden  Jan 09, 2015 Comments(1)

It has been found that studying a foreign language helps make your brain work. I must admit everytime I’m studying a foreign language hard meaning at least three hours a day everything I do is easier. Studying is like doing push ups with your brain. Consequently for me studying is like some other peoples playing cards The main difference ... Read More>>

Why I Love Chongqing

hadleyj09  Jan 05, 2015 Comments(7)

If you know me, then you know that I absolutely love Chongqing city, located in the southwestern region of China. Chongqing, to me, is like no other city I have ever seen. It’s definitely gotta special place in my heart. Before I even stepped foot in Chongqing, I knew that I would really like the city, but when I got there, that ... Read More>>

You might be in China if... Featured

chinaguy14  Jan 03, 2015 Comments(6)

I've written this humorous commentary on the many oddities and peculiarities, some of which are more subtle than others, that China has to offer. These cultural observations are intended to create a rise, maybe even a chuckle or two out of the reader, but not to be offensive. Some things are of course slightly embellished or exaggerated, but you ... Read More>>

Traveling and What it Means to Me Featured

hadleyj09  Jan 03, 2015 Comments(8)

Traveling In China Usually I’m talking about what to do in certain situations in China, but for now, I just want to reflect on my traveling experiences in China and why I think it’s so important to travel. To start, within my now 1.5 years of living in China, I’ve had the privilege of seeing, Daqing, Harbin, Shanghai, Beijing, ... Read More>>

China for the first time

Felix1366  Dec 28, 2014

First time I went to China was in connection with a work project in Tianjin Binhai area. A three weeks, twelve hours a day task so only a few hours every day was free time. Most of this time was spent going out for dinner with colleagues. A single day was used for sightseeing where I hired a driver to go to the great wall.Then three days before ... Read More>>

Life in China (Challenges / Annoyances)

hadleyj09  Dec 25, 2014 Comments(16)

So, while living in China has a lot of great things to offer, but just like all countries, there is the challenging aspect of China that you will have to overcome. If you can get past these things, then China will be a great place to live for you. It’s not for everyone, but see how you like it before you pass judgement. The most common ... Read More>>

Life as a Foreign Teacher in China (The good side)

hadleyj09  Dec 25, 2014 Comments(8)

So, are you thinking about coming to China to teach, work, or just travel for a bit? Sounds good to me. It’s a great place to work, visit, or even live for a while. However, there are somethings that must be noted in terms of what life might be like for you as a foreigner in China. Somethings in China make life much easier than things in ... Read More>>

This ex-pat needs help finding a tour group or friends to go with for my Spring festival vacation! (No I'm not a creeper)

crabbybohs870  Dec 23, 2014 Comments(4)

Hey guys, My name is Nick, I am a TEFL teacher at a school in Nantong, Jiangsu. It's a prefecture level city up the river from Shanghai. Like many of you (at least I assume!), you will have some time off in February. I am really keen on doing some adventuring since this will be the longest stretch of time off this school is going to give me for ... Read More>>

Learn Chinese language and culture-Taboo 1

ohmygod  Dec 12, 2014 Comments(19)

Once you set foot on foreign soil, you’ll have to know the culture of the new land and adapt yourself to those unique customs. Along with the customs comes the subject of taboos which one should avoid at all cost. So what are the taboos in China? Follow us and you will learn a taboo every day. Taboo1. Never wear a Green Hat “Green ... Read More>>

Learn some simple Chinese-topic 1 paying the bill

ohmygod  Dec 10, 2014 Comments(1)

Topic1: 结账 ( jié zhàng ) Paying the bill Sentences: 1.今天我请客,我付钱。(Jīntiān wǒ qǐngkè,wǒ fùqián.) It’s my treat today. I will pay. 2.我们A-A制。(wǒmen A-Azhì.) We will go Dutch. 3.服务员,结账/买单。(Fúwùyuán,jiézhàng /mǎidān.) Waiter, bill, ... Read More>>

Being Black in China: A Student's unique perspective

DumpsterDiver  Dec 08, 2014 Comments(18)

An article from my friends son, he’s an interesting student no doubt! ----- Black in China, something that everyone is always curious about, I want to actually give a somewhat positive experience about this topic. The funny thing is it varies so wildly from person to person that concrete data is almost impossible to find. Now, a lot of ... Read More>>

Teaching in China: Private vs Pubic Schools

hadleyj09  Dec 04, 2014 Comments(4)

So, you want to teach in China? You got your passport, your visa, and your TEFL / TESOL / CELTA certificate? Sounds good to me. Now, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of school you want to teach in, Private or Public? Well, to start, I have taught in both and what you should know is that these two school systems are nothing ... Read More>>

Taxi Scams, Language Skills and Attitude

hadleyj09  Nov 30, 2014 Comments(14)

Why you should learn the language of the country you are in.... So I'm at the Fast train station and I catch a taxi home. Now, I know that a taxi ride from the train station to my apartment is no more than 10 or 11 RMB max. This guy takes a long circular route and I'm like.....No he didn't just do this....So I start speaking in Chinese and tell ... Read More>>

Being Vegetarian in China

hadleyj09  Nov 29, 2014 Comments(14)

Being a vegetarian in China So, you are coming to China soon. You’ve been offered a job, you have your visa, you know a little Chinese, or not, and you are very excited!! That’s great! So, then you realize you are coming to a country that known for Beijing Duck, Meat sticks, and having street vendors who serve meat throughout the ... Read More>>

Still Being Positive in China

hadleyj09  Nov 29, 2014 Comments(17)

So….I am back…again…and yep….it’s been awhile…so what am I talking about today? Still, being positive in China. However, over the past 3 months, I have been through the emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, and some depression. It’s part of being in another country and really being on your own, but ... Read More>>

Panda-Hugger or Dragon-Slayer

rasklnik  Nov 28, 2014 Comments(5)

Why I am a Dragon Slayer The terms “Panda Hugger” and “Dragon Slayer” describe the two kinds of sinophiles, expats, or politicians who have decided to either unconditionally love or overly-criticize China. I’m a Dragon-Slayer and would like to offer four reasons in defense of the dragon killing. I look forward to ... Read More>>

Queuing in China - a True Cultural Experience

adb2014  Nov 18, 2014 Comments(9)

Queuing is easy. Or at least it should be. Logically, there’s nothing difficult about waiting in line with a group of other bored people to do what you need to do, get served and leave. But in Guangzhou, it’s never quite that simple. Queuing here can be messy, disorganised and at times, chaotic. It’s not so bad in banks and ... Read More>>

Why I'm Still in China

adb2014  Nov 08, 2014 Comments(15)

When I first moved to China in 2008, my intention was to stay a year, maybe two before returning home. Six years later I’m still here, with no plans to leave any time soon. Upon reading this, you may think it’s because I love China. Ok, there are some aspects of my lifestyle here that I appreciate and other times, it frustrates me so ... Read More>>

Traditional Chinese Medicine – A Scientific Explanation

hi2u  Nov 03, 2014 Comments(18)

To start off, I am not a TCM apologist or user, and I have not studied it in any meaningful detail. But I know it gets trashed a lot by people on this site and by westerners in general. I’m only interested in a scientific defense of TCM, and so I’d like to share an interesting scientific defense that I’ve read a few years ago. ... Read More>>

A Changed Perspective

ShanghaiZhen  Nov 01, 2014 Comments(2)

Visiting Shanghai as a 24 year old rather than as an angsty teenager was much a much better experience. As a young teen, visiting different places with your parents, not being able to enjoy meeting random people, and just being impatient makes vacation not so fun. Bring that same (genetically) teen back to Shanghai eight years later, and their ... Read More>>

Dear Journal

ShanghaiZhen  Nov 01, 2014

...that I will write all my activities in my Journal every day example, Who, What, Where, When, how + more. Also I promise that I will behave and listen and do as I am told. And will help myself by taking care of my clothes. And by cleaning up after myself." - Excerpt from the introduction page of my logbook. I wrote that in a journal on my ... Read More>>

KTV, my guilty pleasure

hi2u  Oct 31, 2014 Comments(1)

KTV. The saying goes you either love it or you hate it. I went through both. At first I didn’t see the appeal of it. People singing badly to bad songs, or Chinese songs, and I wasn’t much of a singer myself. I didn’t get the appeal of most Chinese music, and it was always too loud for my liking. Then a friend randomly took me ... Read More>>

Just Your Average Clutz Next Door - A Memoir

CAStafford  Oct 19, 2014 Comments(4)

It's come to my attention that as a divorcee living abroad, I'm inclined to risk my life in order to accomplish one goal - live as if tomorrow were my last day. Notice I didn't say "today" was my last? That's because deep, deep down, I really don't want to die today, I'd rather die tomorrow. This week has been a plethora of injuries to my ... Read More>>

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