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Each Language Is A Window

jameswange  Nov 23, 2017

Henry, a French leather goods maker who runs a medium-sized business in Moldova, came to me and asked for my assistance. He had actually been in Guangzhou for some time and was a little frustrated. He told me when I met him in his hotel that everyone seemed to speak English here in Guangzhou and were willing to help, but his business was still in... Read More>>

The Reality of Raising Kids in China. Featured

adb2014  Sep 06, 2017 Comments(4)

I always knew that parenthood would be a challenge, though I assumed that I’d be doing it in my home country instead of China. In many ways it's what I imagined parenting to be like but raising Chinese-Australians here does present some interesting challenges: Everyday Life The boys’ childhood has been anything but traditional by Chinese ... Read More>>

When Laowai Ladies meet Chinese Gentlemen: The different dating expectations Featured

orlando113  Sep 01, 2017 Comments(2)

Last year in August, whilst I was puzzling over how to prepare my vegetarian British girlfriend’s first visit to Chengdu, my American friend has facebooked me an article published on the E-ChinaCities titled: ‘Chinese men, western women: differences in the dating’ written by blogger Susan Walker. It went in depth explaining why most western ... Read More>>

Types of Expats You May Not Meet in China Anymore Featured

JayChina77  Aug 01, 2017 Comments(5)

I came across a fun article on '12 Types of Expats You'll Definitely Meet in China' disagreed with some of the 'types' but mainly because I felt they were describing 'phases' or simply negative characteristics that anyone might express to some degree. But some 'types' are real. I ... Read More>>

China’s New Laws on Employment of Foreign Recent Graduates

joyjitbarua  Jul 11, 2017 Comments(1)

China’s Ministry of Social Security and Human Resources, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Department of Education recently jointly promulgated new rules for new graduates from foreign countries without working experiences. These rules apply to foreign graduates who obtained their master’s degree or higher education in China and to foreign ... Read More>>

Teaching in China: An Untapped Opportunity for Unemployed Graduates from South Africa

rjthomas  Jul 06, 2017

On June 28, 2017, this is the exchange rate: RMB 1 = ZAR 1.92 (RMB = CNY, Chinese Yuan Renminbi)This article was shared on a Wechat Group. Teaching English in China remains a very good opportunity for unemployed graduates from South Africa. To qualify for a work visa, you need a Bachelors degrees with any major, and a TEFL/TESOL ... Read More>>

Top 5 Jobs in China Besides Teaching English

umar121  Jul 04, 2017 Comments(2)

1. English Editor/Writer/Journalist This is a natural transition for an English teacher since you’ve hopefully, at least in the process of teaching it, achieved a strong command of the English language and grammar. Beijing alone has half a dozen English rags and a plethora of state-run English TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, and news ... Read More>>

12 Types of Foreigners You’ll Definitely Meet in China Featured

cwzialor  Jun 18, 2017 Comments(10)

This is little article I started when I first came to China a year-and-a-half ago. I am a student at Renmin Univesrity of China hoping to stay in China after I graduate.1. The China ExpertThe China Expert has probably been teaching in China for over a year they’re able to use the local language at a basic level and they respect China generally. ... Read More>>

We Teach "Illegally" For You, China!

ExpatRights  May 15, 2017

WE TEACH "ILLEGALLY" FOR YOU, CHINAWe've all heard stories about Chinese crackdowns on "illegal" foreign teachers. Every-time some foreign teacher screws up or an officials mistress smiles at a black guy there's a new wave of heavily publicized raids, arrests, deportations, and new regulations. It's just not right. And it's definitely not right ... Read More>>

CHINA: Let Foreign Spouses Work!

ExpatRights  May 15, 2017

For those of us married to a Chinese person, there is a special 'family' visa called a Q visa. On the surface a Q visa looks great - you can stay over 180 days and the paperwork isn't too difficult. There's just one problem.... WE CAN'T WORK LEGALLY! If we can't work, how can we support a family? It doesn't make sense to have a Chinese spouse ... Read More>>

How to Camp As a Lifestyle

dutchmariupol  May 11, 2017 Comments(1)

1. Save money. You can't do anything without some cash first. But you don't need to save forever. A few grand can last a very long time if you budget, and will at least get you started. 2. Give away or sell most of what you own. If you have things you cannot part with, rent a storage unit. They're much cheaper out in small towns than in big ... Read More>>

Lost in Mistranslation Featured

adb2014  May 08, 2017 Comments(1)

I’ll start by coming clean – after nine years in China, my Chinese still isn’t very good. The main reason, I think, is the lack of incentive. I speak to my wife and sons in English and it’s the main language at my work as well. Now, my workmates speak the language quite well but they’re comfortable with basic, functional English. They’re ... Read More>>

Teaching Tips: How to teach the perfect Demo class

beng56  May 01, 2017 Comments(1)

Hello all,In today's post I will help those young or inexperienced teachers with designing their own demo. Demo classes can be challenging and daunting but they don't have to be. Just follow the advice in this article and you will be well on your way to becoming the demo king.What is a demo class?A demo class is exactly what it says on the tin, ... Read More>>

Tips for Living Well on a Budget in China

adb2014  Apr 05, 2017 Comments(1)

I recently read an article by an American expat living in China. It was a good article overall but there was one point I disagreed with: that expats can live a good life in China or save money but they can’t do both. At the time I read this, I had the habit of going to the gym every week, buying coffee on an almost daily basis and spending far ... Read More>>

A Guide to Common Phrases in the ESL Classroom Featured

adb2014  Mar 13, 2017 Comments(2)

The first rule of English class is that students are forbidden from speaking Chinese. This is fair enough, but until they have the ability to confidently switch between both languages, they’ll rely on their mother tongue to get their point across in class. Teachers need to keep enforcing the ‘English only’ rule and remind them of the correct ... Read More>>

Why I'm Trying to Lose Friends and Alienate my Co-workers Featured

adb2014  Feb 28, 2017 Comments(4)

I have a big confession to make. I did something recently that may well turn me into the office pariah – shunned, ignored, ostracized and more likely than ever to be passed over for promotion. In mere seconds, I broke the unspoken bond that held the team together. I quit the staff WeChat group. It's ironic because I created the group about two ... Read More>>

Office Craziness Part II Featured

SpongeBob  Feb 18, 2017 Comments(3)

It has almost been a year since my last update. A lot of things happened in the past year and I decide to pick this blog up and keep on writing. People come and go in one’s life and even memories don’t last forever. Sarah, Andy and all the other people are already the history and will eventually be forgotten, but the past year had taught me so ... Read More>>

Understanding the Construction of the ‘Asian-Guy’ Stereotype Featured

PamyuPamyu  Jan 10, 2017

Understanding the Construction of the ‘Asian-Guy’ StereotypePretty much on a daily basis I feel someone not-so-slyly staring or double-glancing at me and my Hong Kong boyfriend holding hands. So what’s the deal here?I'll admit, before starting university in the UK, I knew very little about Hong Kong and indeed Asian guys in general. Coming ... Read More>>

When it is more than just a job

Sebur  Jan 06, 2017

By SEBUR NYUON NYOK KUCHAIn this current global hunt for jobs; one is hardly forced to ask him/herself what the intentions are. Yes for sure it is all about earning a living and playing the roles required by the employers. But do we really balance this two aspects?To me as an individual, i realized when i came up with an article that might open ... Read More>>

A street food corner in the heart of beautiful Shanghai.

RoseNg  Nov 10, 2016

A street food corner in the beautiful Shanghai.Shanghai never made anyone disappointed. Located in the mouth of Yangtze river, with the nickname “Paris of the East” or “Pearl of the Orient”, Shanghai is the famous hub for street food lovers from all over the world. With a population of 24 millions inhabitants and the mix-culture between East ... Read More>>

Embracing a beautiful culture.

dlang87  Sep 16, 2016

On August 22, 2016 I entered a huge country that not only makes up over 1/5 of the total world population but has a culture so rich in history that no other country in the world can match. I remember walking through the airport and looking up at signs written in Mandarin but also in English as well. I knew at this point that this magical ... Read More>>

Chinese Struggling for a Better Life in Canada

thabet_sava  Aug 15, 2016 Comments(3)

After fulfilling the obligations of my teaching for the current school year, I thought that I should seize the opportunity to pay a visit to Montreal, Quebec, my hometown. My main objective was relaxing in order to rejuvenate in preparation for handling the challenges of my retirement that lie ahead.I never thought or imagined that my trip ... Read More>>

A memoirs of my granny

samchoe2002  Aug 04, 2016 Comments(1)

Every people has their own stories or memoirs to tell. Some are poignant, some are nostalgic and of course some are happy memories.Today, I am going to share you all a small memoirs of my grandma. During that time, I was reading in class three from a well reputed school throughout Lhasa (The Capital of Xizang). The name of the school is called " ... Read More>>

The life at other side

samchoe2002  Aug 04, 2016

Drak-Ye-Pa is one of the most beautiful hill station in Lasa (or Lhasa), Xizang (西藏) . To me, this city is more like an international rendezvous avenue. Throughout the seasons you can find people from every nooks and crannies of the world. And because of their regular presence, even the restaurants around here started to serve wide range of ... Read More>>

On the OtherSide of the Great Wall. Featured

nebertis  Jul 29, 2016

About 10 months ago, I embarked on a journey to see the greatWall of china.Folks in my Country tell many stories about the great all of china and this caused a young mind to be inquisitive, The stories told range from how impossible it was to build the greatwall to how it later became a defence mechanism and now the pride of China. On my first ... Read More>>

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