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Bak2DFuture  Feb 24, 2013

This is a link to an article I came across on FB : am in Maoming, and I am APPALLED at the fact that in our 3 major parks, a sewer rund through the middle of each and feeds the "lakes" Read More>>

Sandwiched in the Subway: But is Beijing Really that Bad?

OwainLW  Feb 22, 2013 Comments(4)

It’s amazing how quickly China develops. I mean really, even a place like Beijing, with a claim on international city status, still sees new buildings and projects rise up out of nowhere. I want to focus on the subway situation though, and draw on a few highs and lows that the Beijing subway has in comparison with mine back home, that being ... Read More>>

One for the Ladies! The Hottest Chinese Male Actors According to Me

Lolitta2  Feb 22, 2013 Comments(2)

Ugh...everywhere you look, there’s an image of an attractive woman…no matter if you’re on the subway, in a mall, at the airports or magazine stands, watching TV or browsing websites.The female physique is indeed eye-catching and intriguing (especially if half of her boobs are popping out of her skin-tight dress), regardless of your sexual ... Read More>>

Thought You Were Safe From Fireworks After CNY? Think Again……..

easyrider  Feb 21, 2013

Having only just the survived the festive onslaught which is Chinese New Year I can safely say that it’s an overrated festival for anyone who isn’t Chinese. At least Christmas, although it’s not necessarily a saving grace, has some commercial appeal that makes it a festival for everybody. How noise, more noise, explosions, more explosions, ... Read More>>

Beijing Blues - Time to Head South?

darkstar1  Feb 18, 2013 Comments(2)

On a flight back to Beijing from visiting a friend in Guangzhou, I really wasn’t looking forward to returning to the world of smog.Guangzhou was warm, greener, and to me, a lot cleaner than the rest of the country. Of course, you can always say that the grass is greener, and perhaps after being in Beijing for such a long time it has taught me ... Read More>>

Film Review: Journey to the West – Conquering the Demons

Bumblebee  Feb 17, 2013

“Journey to the West – Conquering of the Demons” (西游降魔篇) was this year’s Chinese New Year release, debuting in Mainland cinemas on February10. Directed by Stephen Chow, the film featured an all-star cast including Shu Qi, Wen Zhang and Huang Bo and –to the surprise of many – has made box office history by grossing over 400 million ... Read More>>

Looking forward to the Shanghai-Hong Kong Direct High-speed Train

sanboston  Feb 16, 2013

I am really really expecting the direct high speed train from shanghai to hong kong will be opened shortly.i read some news mentioned that they will begin the service by the end of 2012 and probably early 2013. But till now i haven't heard anything about it running. Dear China Ministry of Railway please please open it immediately. i cannot wait ... Read More>>

Spring Festival Gala – It’s all about the Mishaps

OwainLW  Feb 16, 2013 Comments(1)

We all have to admit that the annual Spring Festival Gala thingy on CCTV is a bit of a bore that’s full of sickeningly cheesy skits and shows featuring the same of bunch of underwhelming performers whose acts seem to be based on whether or not the sound man in the background can apply the correct Tom and Jerry-esque sound effect every time an ... Read More>>

Horse Meat in Imported or Domestic Chinese Packaged Food Products?

LARedneck  Feb 15, 2013

There is a huge criminal scandal or conspiracy in Europe concerning horse meat and now pork products found in packaged foods blatantly mislabled as beef.Are any expats or Chinese concerned about hypermarkets in China such as Carrefour or Metro, for example, stocking these mislabled products?Does anyone have any real information on whether any ... Read More>>

Hoping for a Happier Life

cindy520  Feb 12, 2013

Today ,2 days after Chinese New year , I m travelling back from my hometown(Hu bei Jing men) to Guangzhou where I m currently working . my hometown is 1200 kilometers away from Guangzhou and with the Chinese K train it took me 17 hours for transportation ..I chose to leave 2 days after new year ,cause I thought nobody would travel at this time . ... Read More>>

The most open beach in China---Sanya

Amazingchina  Feb 12, 2013

Foreigner friends always told me there is no beach in China could see the open Chinese ,because they have been seen many Chinese people on the beach in a strange condition : people are all gathering in a group, some are dressing up long sleeves or long trousers , wearing face mask or swimming in the water with clothes on, holding umbrellas and ... Read More>>

Chinese Dating Shows – A Poet amid the Sheep

easyrider  Feb 08, 2013

Although I can’t lay claim to great Mandarin skills, I still enjoy a good flick of old television every now and then. Apart from all the adverts about beauty products, toothpaste, and milk, I have stumbled across some TV programmes with have given me hours of entertainment during my lonely nights as an expat here in China.We’ve all heard of ... Read More>>

The Old Western Perve.

wooddragon  Feb 08, 2013

While wondering around Hongqiao airport I engaged in a conversation with the young Joyce, a girl 26 year old girl selling books and language software at gate 26. Initialy it started as any sales pitch, however her need to understand the "Foriegner', over rode the need to make a 10 RMB cut on a 700 RMB sale.Her main point, "Why do all ... Read More>>

Voice of China”’s Jieke Junyi: Need an Image Change?

Coffaholic  Feb 07, 2013

I accidently got sucked into the “Voice of China” craze last year while glued in front of a tv set at a friend’s house. I started watching the talent show – which is based on ‘The Voice’ franchise from the Netherlands – when the contest was already in its final round. Four contestants remained: Wu Mochou (20, female, now lauded as ... Read More>>

Shanghai Wolf Packs.

wooddragon  Feb 06, 2013

So this is my first ever blog, i mean ever. yeah i;m an old git moving around Asia on a vacation pretending to be business. To the point, I just left Shanghai, the first time i have spent more than a few hours their passing through. and i just wanted to offer a word of warning to other ex-pats and Chinese tourist alike. its about what i called ... Read More>>

The Wonderful World of Chinese Dialects

darkstar1  Feb 06, 2013

My Mandarin isn’t great, but since being here for a few years there’s been one thing that noticed and it’s certainly something I love about being in China – the countless regional dialects. From what I gather, they can be divided into several categories – Yue (Cantonese), Wu (Shanghai area), Hakka, Taiwanese, Hui, Gan,Sichuanese, and of ... Read More>>

Music for the taking - China has its own version of Spotify!

Forgetmenot  Feb 06, 2013 Comments(1)

I already knew about the now world (in)famous Twitter-esque site Sina Weibo because it’s mentioned in the news every day. Even WeChat has come into its own, with industry insiders outside of China praising it is as one of the best apps to come out of the country despite or maybe because of its similarity (and superiority) to Whats App. Then ... Read More>>

Why Fourth Tier-City Trips are Fun

OwainLW  Feb 04, 2013 Comments(1)

When I was in the north, I took a trip to a little city in Hebei province called Chengde. Chengde is known for being a holiday resort for emperors of old, and features a lovely mountain park area with fresh air and rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. The place also has nice little temples and old (albeit renovated) buildings scattered ... Read More>>

Child trafficking in China: A heart-breaking problem on many levels

Coffaholic  Feb 04, 2013 Comments(1)

Photo: These asshole child traffickers only represent the tip of the iceberg. Over the weekend I watched an in-depth report about child-trafficking in China, aired on CCTV's news channel. In the programme, a reporter interviewed a number of traffickers who were caught and sentenced. From the prison, the reporter asks them a long series of candid ... Read More>>

A review of Xiangyang, Hubei

Alekobel  Feb 02, 2013 Comments(1)

In the15 months I have been teaching in China I have experienced many cities, afew, very much to my liking, and some that haven't been to my taste. I come from a big and very popular city in America known as Las Vegas. Coming from such a city one would naturally be disposed to metropolitan snobbery when exploring other places and learning of ... Read More>>

Dodgy Beer – How I Learned the Hard Way

darkstar1  Feb 01, 2013 Comments(2)

We’ve all heard of the many food scares in China. MSG,gutter oil, rat meat disguised as beef, beef disguised as rat meat and so on. I had a heads up from all my friends and family about all these food safety issues, concerns which were reinforced upon my arrival here by Chinese friends and colleagues.Although I was desperate to delve into the ... Read More>>

Is Beijing doing enough to end air pollution?

Bumblebee  Jan 31, 2013 Comments(1)

Beijing's hazardous air has been making international headlines. That's no surprise given the fact that PM2.5 readings have spiked well over 500 several times already this month and the elderly and young have been advised to stay indoors. Public dialogue and reports regarding the potentially lethal air has also begun to gain momentum at long ... Read More>>

China’ single kids – My Teaching Traumas

easyrider  Jan 30, 2013 Comments(1)

The one child policy has been in effect for long enough now meaning that many of China’s current young were brought up as single kids. I’ve been teaching a fair while now in China and would like to share some trends that I believed have emerged from being brought up as a single child, which I believe have been developed due to not only having ... Read More>>

Why Chinese banks absolutely suck!

Bumblebee  Jan 28, 2013 Comments(1)

Warning: this is going to be a rant, but one that is entirely justified. As one of the fastest-developing nations in the world with the most millionaires, you would think that by now, China’s bank system would be highly efficient. But it is not. In fact, all Chinese banks are far from being anywhere close to efficient. Let me give an example ... Read More>>

The Wonderfully Wacky World of Weibo

darkstar1  Jan 28, 2013

So with my Chinese capable to a degree where I think I can read Chinese enough to know roughly what might be going on…if it’s a story book for toddlers…perhaps, I’ve recently been indulging myself into the wacky world of Weibo, and the results have been fruitful to say the least. There’s been a lot of talk as to whether or not Weibo is of ... Read More>>

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