Jangxia- Wuhan

Jangxia- Wuhan
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Bus from hanko- 905 武胜路武胜西街. Near wuhan internainal plazza 5RMB to end stop its one of the few well mannaged lines you will ever see when queing for a bus. If you do not get on at the first stop there is no place to sit for the remander of the ride.


Bus from wuchang- 903,901, or 908 they can be found at the wuchang train station. 903 can be found at the back of the station where the main bus stop is. 901 908 and 905 can be found across the street from the main gate. You can also take a bus from optics vally but by the time it gets there its full to bust.



Take any of these buses to the end, and from there you will need to take one of the local vans to the starting point aka bamboo forest. 江夏大道白云花园  From there you can start to explore. It would take you a few days to explore all the the mountain trails that trace off from the start of the bamboo forest. There are old rock quarries that have been abandoned and many nice sights to see. Jangxia is still full of natural beauty waiting to be discovered by the foreigners in Wuhan. I have been living and biking in Jangxia now for almost 2 years and still have not discovered everything there is to find. Jangxia is the district directly south of Wuhan, between Wuhan and the well known Xianning city. It is an area with a lot to discover. It has many wide, and newly build roads that are great for riding bikes. There's a lot of ground to cover, by bike or by hike, so get out to Jangxia you city dwellers because paradise is closer then you think.


I will be doing another “biker blog just about Jangxia and its many routes from the city.

Take a walk up to the marble wall of old words I cant read.



Or get lost in the forest


Maybe the hike is more your style, come join us on the trail for 4-5 hours of hiking per trail. trails go up and down with the hills. many wonderful side trails as well.

If your not much of a hiker then perhaps just enjoy a stroll along the winding pathways.

Whatever you are into, be it hiking biking, or just searching for the answer, take a look around Jangxia because beautiful things are closer then you might think.


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