An Open Letter to China Telecom/Unicom/Mobile

An Open Letter to China Telecom/Unicom/Mobile
Sinobear Oct 22, 2013 17:45

Thank you for reading this letter (although I know you can’t read nor understand English anyway, which is why you continuously ignore a huge niche market in China).


I just want to say that I understand that you have hundred of millions of mobile subscribers and that you can’t please everyone, but I would hope that perhaps you can please at least one individual and be able to publicize me as a pleased customer in return for a little favor.


You see, I am an English-speaking foreigner in China who needs a method of communication with my boss, my coworkers, my employees, my clients, my friends and others that I deem necessary to communicate with. Now, I have email, QQ, Skype and a few other methods of communication, but it is my phone that I take outside of my home the most and direct communication is what I need 90% of the time.


After registering for your service, giving you a copy of my passport and the requisite 100 RMB, I expected no more than to be able to make and receive calls, send  and receive SMS messages and receive good signal coverage whenever I was out and about around my place of residence.


But! You unilaterally decided that I needed more! You send me SMS messages several times a day that describe services that you think I may be interested in. You phone me, at least once per day, to vocalize those SMS messages that I delete seconds after receiving them. I hate being rude, but I must be after 10 seconds of explaining that I don't have time for the call, I don't understand what-the-what you're talking about, I have to repeat that I don't have time to discuss what-the-what you're talking about...


What’s worse, you allow several subscribers to phone me and SMS me that you know (because I check the numbers online) are performing monetary scams. Yes! At least two “insurance” companies a day that offer me multi-million RMB policies for mere pennies, the “service plans” that cost you even if you ‘opt’ out, the “You’ve been successfully sued in a court of law and must pay immediately” calls, and the infamous ‘ring once’ you call us back (hahahahaha) and we’ll charge you 12 RMB/minute scam.


Your main ‘service’ number even sends me useless SMS messages that deal will neither my account nor essential service information. Ipads for a dollar? Tell you what, I hate Apple and all it stands for so much, you couldn’t offer me a free iPhone 7 (already in production for iIdiots) and 50000 RMB cash to boot to convince me to take one.

I have a wonderful Android security service on my phone that allows me to block numbers but surprise surprise!!!! One of the worst offenders for spam SMS messages cannot be blocked! Why? Because you consider that ‘service’ to be essential. Why would I, a native-English speaker with absolutely no interest in Chinese ‘jokes’, fashion, makeup tips, ‘breaking news’, lifestyle information,  pictures of cats, or other timewasters want to be forced to receive these messages?


Now, you cannot possibly deny that these messages and calls are beyond your control seeing as Chinese people have been complaining about THE EXACT SAME NUMBERS on various websites for over TWO years.


I will offer you a marketing tip that just may yield you more revenue than vying to get me to pay between one and 30 RMB per month for useless ‘services’…I’ll pay you 250 RMB/year extra just to have all the nonsense cut out and allow me to enjoy the service that I pay for.

Perhaps you can use the extra revenue to fund a study on why people who call the wrong number always assume that I must be the one in the wrong.


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if ever you fill in compulsory survey to register, put age as 70+, income the lowest bracket they have, occupations retired.That would put you in a demographic that no-one advertises to. And no counter assistant will challenge you answers or change them. They have done their bit in forcing you to fill it in.

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My wife registered my phone in her name, so I'm guessing I only get some of the harassment-service that this guy gets, simply because my wife is not seen as gullible or wealthy enough to be target audience. I'd recommend this for expat mobile users in a long-term relationship.

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