All Eyes on China’s First Lady’s Wardrobe– Is the Attention Justified?

All Eyes on China’s First Lady’s Wardrobe– Is the Attention Justified?
Lolitta2 Mar 28, 2013 11:20

Chinese – and even foreign media to some extent – have been going crazy about China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan, and understandably so. For the first time in China’s modern political history has the spotlight been shone on to the president’s wife. The wives of previous leaders were just some shadow lurking in the background or more common yet, were completely out of sight.


With “First Lady” culture being such a big deal in the USA, people have obviously begun to whisper that this new approach could mean more liberal reforms and what not. All this attention on Peng Liyuan, who is actually a famous folk singer, is justified.


But one aspect I’m struggling with is all the buzz surrounding her wardrobe. Ahem, not meaning to rain down on the party or anything, but really? Is her style really that worthy of attention? Compared to Michelle Obama, who is notorious for dressing in youthful, affordable clothes, Peng Liyuan’s choice of clothing is conservative and quite frankly, boring in comparison. One thing I will give her designer credit for however, is the fact that most outfits incorporates Chinese elements into it. To be fair though, some of her outfits are actually quite nice especially the Chinese-traditional silk-inspired coat immediately below. I suppose the First Lady has to represent her country in these overseas visits so it only makes sense to wear inherently Chinese-style clothing. But as for the buzz surrounding massive reforms and a fresh approach to Chinese politics just because Xi Jinping's wife stepped out of the shadows, don't start holding your breath just yet.


 What do you think?



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it struck me that with a lot of attention for the first time on the 'first lady', they are trying to copy the (in my opinion) unnecessary attention placed on Michele Obama, and previous wives of American Presidents.

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Interesting to consider my Chinese wifes opinion[ or not]" Peng is much better than what has gone before, she dress's well and has a "good personality" Do communists [?] look and dress like that? She has been type cast for the job, the wave [ always wondered who they are waving at] looks presidential. I have absolutely no interest in her, only in whether her husband does anything about human rights . I wonder what they discuss in bed at night. Does she have any opinions about anything important other than fashion, smiling and waving? On the lighter side I coped a punch from my wife when I said " she's going to have to do something about that haircut"

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