Friendly Warning

Friendly Warning
SenseiSteve Apr 08, 2016 21:31

Dear expat community,

This is a little warning to any expats living and working in the charming city of Dalian, Liaoning Province. Dalian is a lovely city complete with a beach and clean air. I've even married a local Dalian girl and she's wonderful. However, there's a small problem in this fine city.

That problem is a school called Rise Immersion Subject English (瑞思学科英语) in Olympic Square, Xigang District. If you are offered a job here, do not accept it. The owner is known as "Wailey" or "Duke" and he is notorius troublemaker for both foreign teachers and Chinese staff. 

My experience with him is terrible. My salary here is 11,000 a month but it was reduced because he deemed my teaching to be "unsatisfactory" even though no meeting was called to discuss this issue with him. It was reduced to a mere 7,500 and after extensive action from the court, he reluctantly gave me the contracted amount.

A few months later, a friend of mine joined. A guy from Canada called James. His experience with this school was also negative. The owner refused to pay him any money at all. Citing his "poor teaching skills" as a result. After two months my friend was dismissed only being paid a meagre 1,200rmb. Furthermore, after my friend tried to discuss the issue with him, he turned violent and attacked him a pole in which my friend required hospital treatment. 

After his ordeal, James complained about him to the courts and government. Duke was called into the offices and threatened to send him back to Canada, claiming he had brought him a one way ticket. James was forced to accept a one month L Visa which he then had to renew back home in order for him to work for his new school.

Now, it's my turn to leave. My contract is up and I'm waiting for my three papers. Reference Letter, Foreign Expert Certificate Cancellation and Release Letter. After asking him several times for these, he refuses to give them to me, without giving me a reason as why he has refused. As you know, we need those to start our new jobs, without them I will be forced to go back to the UK and get the invitation letter.  

Another employer, a person who had been working for him for more 4 years left his company and Duke refused to pay his final months salary claiming "He's leaving, it doesn't matter."

If you or anyone you know is offered a job by him or you are an agent and he asks you for a teacher. Please, do not work for him or help him. It will cause lots of heartache and trouble for you. 

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