The writing on the wall

The writing on the wall
surenpillai Oct 15, 2014 20:58

The open mind, the free intellect and the willingness of the heart to embrace humanity as one family. Teaching was, is and will always remain my passion. Knowledge has neither race nor sex nor colour and it is the only wealth that keeps on growing as you keep on giving.


Experiences are a form of education, which one gets from the university of life. Some of these experiences can come as a shock jolting the sense of justice and humanism. All the years of education and progress in the world has failed to eradicate racism and narrow mindedness in the world.


After having spent weeks and weeks of searching and applying for a teaching job, I have been told that I was born in the "wrong" country. Although I am not sure of what I have been told, it shocked me to hear that "a person born in India, although he holds a European nationality and passport, is NOT eligible for a Chinese work visa".


It may have a political overtone to it but if it is true, it is in very bad taste.


If I were to be asked who is a native speaker; and I am speaking only of the UK; it is a person who speaks RP. Now, in that light, how many would qualify as a "native speaker".  True, my opinion will not be considered a valid one, yet, it is my opinion, even if many do not and will never agree to it.


Language is a tool for communication and if one does not possess the faculty of articulate speech, one fails to qualify as a good medium of communication, even if one carries the label of "native speaker" on one's brow. No ridicule is meant here nor am I chastising any particular "nationality".

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You have no degree? Have you considered that may be the reason? Consider this, there are countries where people can't get jobs because they are white and nobody gives a sh!t.

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@Sinobear Well, I did do my research, but I had to put it out in the open for my own satisfaction. However, my logic fails me to under the inverted commas in your text. A person has the right to his opinion and I just exercised my own "option" :) . Society has long lost the ability to come out into the open with things that are not right. A kind of resignation seems to have descended onto the general public. I have been able to steer my life all along through rough seas There were people who were not much amused by my frankness but then it is not my chosen activity to please :). However, I try to remain on the polite level. One can notice a modern kind of slavery in society and the cowardice of the society to unconditionally resign to that. Well, it is, certainly, not my "job" to rectify but I do make use of my ability to speak up :)

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I feel for you, but then again, any "educated" person would have done their research in regards to possible employment in China prior to applying/arriving here. Best of luck all the same.

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