Chongqing...two and half months later...

Chongqing...two and half months later...
louischuahm May 31, 2014 01:16

It's been two and half months since I last wrote. Been busy all that time putting into place processes for so many tasks. I was wondering what the previous administrator was doing, even simple processes were not in place. It's no wonder the expat teachers here were complaining that each time they wanted something it takes a long time to get done. Anyway, it's all done, with just a few to go, should be done by next month. 


The Oral English Program is taking up all of my spare time at the moment but I should be able to hand it over to the program administrator soon. The next on the list is to start an English corner. This will take another 2 weeks or so. 


I didn't have that much time to log on to the forum although I did manage to get a few minutes worth each day to see the latest questions and perhaps to see if there were any new wumaos (LOL). Other than that I didn't really participate much in the banter.


Back in the uni, I've made it past probation and was made teacher administrator with a pay raise, which wasn't bad. Aside from administration, I also have 25 Oral English and Economics classes. These pretty much take up all my wake up time, especially for lesson planning. 


Now, something about the district where I live. Beibei is a small district about an hour by subway from Chongqing city. It's very cheap to travel on the subway. I pay just 7 yuan to get to the airport which is about an hour away. You can take the bus too but it's not that comfortable especially in the summer. The train is better.


The uni is just 4 stops by bus which costs just 1 yuan. There's one thing you need to know though, the yellow buses numbers 592, 583 and 587 do not have back doors. So if you take any of these buses, stay in the front as much as possible, especially during the morning rush hour. If you are trapped in the back the you will have to literally push your way out. When I first took one of these, I do what I usually do - move to the back so that other people can get on. I couldn't get off the bus until 4 stops later because it was so packed that I couldn't move. And the on board announcement said the was a back door! 


The food is nice. Mostly spicy but there are non spicy food as well. I had hot pot 3 to 4 times a week, different varieties each time. The BBQ fish here is the best I've tasted in China. 


We had a few foreign universities visiting us each quarter, and the last was Windsor University from Canada. Many of the teachers wanted to come back and teach in our uni but unfortunately we have limited openings. 


With the semester ending, student enrollment for the new semester is in full swing. Many had to take the admission test to ensure minimum English speaking skills. Unfortunately, quite a few didn't make it but we did get the numbers we wanted. School holidays will start in August but I'm still wondering if I should go home for a visit since I've been away for more than 2 years. We'll see how it pans out when I get there. 


Meantime, there's still lots to do and hopefully I can wrap it all up before the holidays starts. Write more next time...

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Oh, sorry I missed this blog. Glad to hear you're doing so well. 25 classes per week + administration, wow... you're taking lots on your plate. I got offered a great job in Nanjing as a high school Biology teacher in an American institution, but my wife damn near threatened to divorce if I move so far away. Chongqing is about 6 hours travel for me, and I may be heading there some day because of the British Consulate there. Best of luck in your new job - it seems you found a good one.

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Sorry matey, took so long to reply. Been busy with semester closing work....students presentation, GPAs, parents' meeting and stuff. Anyway, school's out now so I have some time on my hands. Work's tough but rewarding. Bossman's nice to me, probably because I take care of most of the shit work for him. Today is my first real day off, kids have all gone home and I have about 3 weeks of nothingness. Nice.

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Hello, I am teaching in Daqing now, northeast China. I will be teaching in Chongqing starting this August. I will be in Yubei District. I've heard great things about CQ and I absolutely love spicy food. I love the hot weather and I'm really looking forward to teaching in one of the largest cities in the world.

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Hi there! Jul and Aug happen to be the hottest months of the year, mercury hitting 45 degrees Celsius. I'd be careful not to get heatstroke if I were you. It'll be hot and dry till after Mid Autumn Festival, then it cools down real fast. Very shirt Spring and Autumn here. And of course you will love the spicy food here. Good luck and perhaps we will get to meet up? Cheers!

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Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah, it would be good to meet up sometime, Thanks for this blog. Could you write a blog about life as a teacher in Chongqing? Maybe about some of the best places to go, fun activities to do/take part in, and any other things that you think are interesting about the city. Hope to see you in the near future.

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Nice read. Glad everything seems to be working out for you there.

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Thanks buddy! Been so busy lately, hopefully I can get out during the Aug hols!

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