Important Travel Tips!!

Important Travel Tips!!
hadleyj09 Feb 17, 2015 19:48

Traveling: Things you should do before you go!


Going to a new country, seeing the world, experiencing new food, cultures, and ways of life. They are all fun and exciting things to do. But, hold up!! Before you go, there are a few tips that you can use before getting on that plane and flying off. These come from my own personal experiences and mistakes, so I hope these can help you.


1. Finding the place you want / need to travel to.


2. Research

-Food: Do you think you’ll like the food? What kind of food is there?

-Environment: Polluted, clean, dirty, safe, country, city, etc…..

-Voltage: 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V  <——VERY IMPORTANT

-Culture: What are things you should and shouldn't do / say?

-Job / tourism: research everything about the job and city / country you’ll be in.

-Climate: When is it hot? How long is winter? etc…

-Transportation: What’s the best way to travel in the city / country?

-Cost of living!!! Are things cheap or pretty expensive?

-Area of hotel!!! (more info below)

-It’s great if you know someone there if you are a tourist, especially if the country doesn't speak your native language.


3. Booking plane tickets

-Book as early as possible!! The earlier, the cheaper!!

-If it can be avoided, try not to book around the holiday time of your country or the country you are traveling to. It can get expensive very fast!

-If you need a connecting flight, make sure there is at least a 2-3 hour layover. Your first flight might have a delay and even if you can catch your second flight in time, your bags may come to your destination a day or two after you arrive!!

-View all options of airlinse before booking. Get the best price!!

-Use a booking website. These are way cheaper than booking from the actual airline.

-Best site for international flights for me is


4. Booking Hotels

-Research what hotels are in your city

-How far from the airport is it?

-Is it near a subway, train station, bus station? Does the hotel have shuttle service?

-Are there restaurants nearby?

-View pictures of the hotels.

-Look at reviews!!!!!!!!! These things can save you a lot of hardship!!

-Get something in your price range.


5. Take Notes!

-Write down ALL flight numbers and airlines flown. This can be used just in case of an emergency and if something happens such as your luggage doesn’t come to your destination with you. The airport luggage associates can help you track down your luggage for you.

-Write ALL hotel information. Address, Name, and all other info. Print out and keep hotel info when you get your confirmation of payment from the hotel.

6. Documents


-Visa (if needed)

-TEFL, TESOL, Diploma (if teaching English)

-All other docs you know you need. When in doubt, bring it!!


 I hoped this helped someone out and safe travels!




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