Why I Love Chongqing

Why I Love Chongqing
hadleyj09 Jan 05, 2015 20:51

If you know me, then you know that I absolutely love Chongqing city, located in the southwestern region of China. Chongqing, to me, is like no other city I have ever seen. It’s definitely gotta special place in my heart. Before I even stepped foot in Chongqing, I knew that I would really like the city, but when I got there, that “like” became a “LOVE” for the crazy mountain city. It’s the city I want to live and work in for a long time, if not forever. 


Before I tell you why I love Chongqing so much, I will let you know that I have heard so many people’s opinions about the city who are all from northern and southern China alike.I have heard that Chongqing is too hot in the summer, too wet in the winter, it’s too polluted, the people are not so nice, there are too many people, and that the only good thing about Chongqing is the hotpot.


Now, the hotpot thing is spot on because Chongqing’s very spicy hotpot is the best I have ever had, ever. However, the other opinions I have heard are respected, but not taken into too much consideration. 


1. The opinion about the heat doesn’t concern me. After all, my bloodline runs back to Africa. My body type was made to take the heat. Also, unlike northern China, Chongqing’s air is very humid, which to me is much better than very dry air all the time. 


2. It’s too wet in the winter? Well I have never experienced a wet winter, but it’ll be interesting enough to try it out. 


3. It’s too polluted? Well Beijing and Taiyuan have got to make the top 10 polluted cities of China, if not the world, and if I can get through a dry aired and polluted year of Taiyuan, I think Chongqing should be just fine. Besides, a lot of that “polluted” look to Chongqing is fog, not so much pollution. I didn’t have to wear a mask there and Chongqing is so cool and beautiful. Chongqing is a very clean and super nice city.


4. There are too many people? I guess they haven’t been to Beijing before.


5. The people are not nice? Well, I made so many friends there who helped me out around the city and because of the people, I had the best time there. The people in Chongqing love to be outside, they love the slow lifestyle, they are not boring at all, and they are all just so cool. 


Now for all the people that can only see the negatives, Chongqing does have a lot of people, 30 million+ to be exact, but I still love it there. Also, the people of Chongqing love to play Mahjong, which is my favorite game to play in China. I don’t like betting money, but I’ll bet to pay for a dinner, haha.


My favorite area of Chongqing is the downtown district of JieFangBei. It is just way too cool. The people are outside with friends and family, just having a great time. People are selling and making food here, and it all smelled so good. It’s even better if you experience this with good friends.




Now, yes, the rumor about Chongqing having very beautiful women is absolutely true. When I went there, I was blown away by their beauty. Their skin is fair, and thanks to the humidity and mountainous region, they have a very nice skin tone and body shape….that’s as much as I’ll say.


Ciqikou, the old town of Chongqing is basically an antique and food shopping area where you can see how Chongqing used to be. It is really cool and very crowded, as it should be. It’s definitely worth checking out. So many cool things to buy and you may even make a few good friends there. 


Chaotianmen, the only other place I was able to visit while I was in Chongqing was amazing in itself. It’s where the Yangtze and Jialin rivers converge and right off that area is the Chongqing theater, which is a big oddly shaped green building, but it’s pretty nice to look at. When I came back here at night, the city lit up and I did not want to leave. It looks so cool and my heart dropped when I saw how beautiful the city looks at night and the reflection of the lights on the river was just amazing.


Apart from all this, the trains are cool in that they run through buildings and the bridges over the river, up the mountains and through the city give a great look to Chongqing by day or night. The hotpot is great and the people are just so cool, energetic and outgoing. Definitely living here this year!!

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