Food / Drinks in China (Love, Like & ehhhhh....) :)

Food / Drinks in China (Love, Like & ehhhhh....)   :)
hadleyj09 May 28, 2014 21:39

Food in China for the most part is just like food in the west in terms of opinions. Either you will love it, like it and eat it on occasions, or it may not be for you.




1. Spicy food


I love spicy food. I didn't really think I would because my stomach never felt right back in the states after I ate food that was super spicy, but I would have the classic cayenne pepper and lemon water drink which was a good start. Now, I love spicy noodles, spicy hot pot and anything that's spicy. It's good for your blood, improves your metabolism, and it just tastes great. I guess Chongqing and Chengdu might end up being my favorite cities.


2. Lamb (Yang Rou Chuan) 羊肉串 


Lamb is delicious, when cooked and seasoned the right way. It's just a great treat to have after a hard day of work, or just as a quick snack. I love the taste and texture of Lamb.


3. Steamed buns (Baozi)


I love steamed buns, especially when you can get them directly out of the oven and into a small bag to carry away and enjoy. My favorite kinds would have to be beef, and vegetable. The outside is like a very soft and moist breading with a swirl design, and on the inside, it is juicy and warm. The flavor is wonderful, the texture is good and it's a cheap yet delicious kind of food to have at anytime of the day.


4. Jinjiu (Alcohol)


I really rarely drink, at all, but if I had to choose, it would always be junjiu. It's a smooth drink that is actually pretty strong. A bottle only costs about 10 kuai (1.7 USD) and it's good. If you drink the whole bottle and you are a lightweight, well, let's just say that I hope you don't have any dark secrets.



5. Hot water


I really like it. It feels better to drink hot/warm water, even in the summer because it helps your body cool itself down naturally. It’s of course great in the winter and its makes your feel calm and relaxed. Hot water is great.





1.  Fried Rice 


Fried rice in China is very delicious, and honestly, if I wouldn’t gain so much weight and feel super sluggish after eating it, I would eat it every single day. It’s really good and very cheap. If I do eat it, I make sure to cook green, red, and yellow bell peppers, green onions, green beans and other vegetables so that it’s a bit healthier than just fried rice alone, but overall, the taste is great.


2.   Guobaorou 锅包肉


Guobaorou is amazingly delicious!!! It’s great! The only drawback is that it’s not really healthy for you at all, and if too much of it is eaten, the ITIS will take over and you’ll be asleep in minutes. Guobaorou is pork, or chicken, seasoned and cooked in a tangy sweet and sour sauce. It is wonderful and if you ever come to China, try to find it, but be warned, it is a bit greasy. 


3.  Fried potatoes


Just like the Guobaorou and fried rice, it’s delicious, but just too oily. I still eat it every other week, twice a month at most, but it’s great. My stomach however hates me when I eat it though.




1. Baijiu


Now, if you have ever been in China, maybe you can agree with me……..Baijiu, an insanely strong alcohol with an unbelievably dislikable taste, just doesn’t do it for me. It tastes like Nyquil mixed with death. I don’t know how anyone can drink, but if you like it, more power to you. 


2. Stinky Tofu


I know it’s a Chinese delicacy and I highly respect that, but it doesn’t do it for me. I love tofu, and it goes well with so many other kinds of food, but stinky tofu is not at the top of my list.


3. Durian fruit


The durian, or as I like to call the “cheesy” fruit isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. It has the consistency of cheese and it doesn’t have the most pleasant of smells. It looks like a pineapple from the outside, but it’s not all that it seems. In China the durian is liked amongst many people, which is cool, just not for me.





These are my opinions of food and drinks in China. There are many other kinds of food and drinks to discuss, and I could go on for days talking about the vast amounts of food in this wonderful country, but this was a good amount to discuss.



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i just moved to the north this year and i miss the food over there i think the southern food is much better has anyone tried durian pizza? sounded weird when i first heard about it because i hate the smell of durian but it turned amazingly delicious

Jul 08, 2014 15:20 Report Abuse



Sounds good. I've heard mixed opinions about GZ, but I do want to go there for myself and see what it's like, Thanks for the comment.

Jun 05, 2014 06:12 Report Abuse



Food here in Guangzhou is great. Not only for the local Guangzhou food but also because you can find food from any other place in China. Also the selection of international foods is so vast.

Jun 04, 2014 23:17 Report Abuse



Well pretty, much agree with your list. Although I like various kinds of Baijiu. Such as Fenjiu, but some are horrible! Like one I tried with my buddies, it was actually like sweet baijiu... really bad. Some of my favorite foods: Shao kao - or BBQ Huo guo - Hot pot (like you mentioned, sometimes spicy but if spicy... must have beer!) Yu xiang rou si - Fish flavored pork slices mixed with vegetables Bei jing kao ya - Peking Duck Gong bao ji ding - Smash Chicken Ma la tang - spicy peanut butter soup (sounds strange but really good)

May 29, 2014 18:47 Report Abuse



aah shao kao is one of my favourites in my city every summer the evenings are loaded with people sitted outside with beer and shaokao till day break . the peneaut butter soup sounds interesting i'd like to try it

Jul 08, 2014 15:24 Report Abuse