Wedding Preparation

Wedding Preparation
JulieM Aug 11, 2013 12:31

Preferences for weddings in the West and China differ slightly, and when I was preparing for my wedding with my Chinese husband, I did find some of the things I had to request slightly humorous. 

 -Please don't play Whitney Houston/Titanic soundtrack/Star Wars theme music (and yes, I have heard each of the above played at weddings in China)

-Please don't play the above so loudly that no wedding guests can talk -Please do not hire any performers to lip sync, dance poorly, or fake play an instrument

-Please do not blow bubbles and confetti on me when I walk down the aisle

-Please do not allow the MC to wear a bad 70s suit or talk like a radio announcer

-Please do not allow anyone to wish me the birth of a son soon. I find that remark sexist, and, obviously, offensive.

-Please have microphones ready for our vows since the majority of people will probably talk through them

When the day arrived, as with any wedding, it didn't go off without a hitch, but we enjoyed it, cheesy touches and all. Yes, they played "Gangnam Style" no less than three times, when that was the song we expressly said we hated the most, but made for some memorable faces in the wedding pictures when I heard it playing. :)



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