Economical China Apartments in Life of China

Economical China Apartments in Life of China
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How to Choose the Apartment

If you are on a vacation, business or a travel and so forth in China, you have to solve the problem of accommodation. At this time, Life of China provides a large sum of good apartments to help you solve this problem because the whole apartments of Life of China have comfortable surroundings, furniture with the complete equipments, excellent services and the most importantly its expense is just half of the hotels’. It is significant to choose a good apartment. We should consider the followings, such as the surroundings, fees, equipments and so on. It is our company Life of China that considers how to deal with these matters.


Advantages of the Life of China’s Apartment

Life of China is a China Expatriates Services Co., Ltd whose apartments are better, bigger and more economical than hotel rooms. Our Life of China supplies houses for daily, weekly and monthly rent for the customers. The apartments are located in many areas; some are located in Mo Diesha, some are located in LieDe, others are located in XingHuiyuanGarden, and others are near the Sun Yat San University etc. Most of them have convenient transportation because they are walking distance to supermarkets, KFC, café and banks etc. What’s more, if you want to cook for yourself, everything is OK because our apartments have the furniture with the complete equipments, including the complete kitchen utensils, washing machine, liquid crystal display television, hot machine, vanity unit and so forth. Living in our Life of China’s apartment, you can rest assured that no hotel staff disturbs you and you will have more private space. Besides, it also provides the services of translator, interpreter, guide and personal assistant. In addition, airport pick up, car rental services with driver daily or monthly are also included. Beyond that, the whole customers both at home and abroad are warm welcomed to our company for negotiation business. We are assured to supply the best products and services for you.

Economical and Practical Choice

The most competitive advantages of Life of China are because our apartments are more economical, practical and comfortable. Such good apartments, the residential rentals are just half of the hotels’. It is for this reason that a great number of clients choose our apartments at last after they compare our good apartments with others. We make our greatest efforts to supply the economical rental as well as the first class of services for you. Consequently, many clients are willing to choose our apartments. In addition, we really appreciate it that many of our clients enter into entire satisfaction with our apartments and services. It is also the power that inspires us to do it better. In the meanwhile, your satisfaction is our mutual wish.

Types of Apartment

  According to different criteria and requirements of customers, our Life of China supplies the apartments with different types. On the basis of different clients’ demand, the apartments can be divided into short term and long term rental. Short term rental is usually for one to three months rental. Actually, if you just want to rent for several days you can also rent for the apartments for one week or any other days that you want. It is the most important to achieve your requirements. Therefore, long term rental is for more than three months and you can also rent the apartment for more than one year. Furthermore, the longer you rent for; the rental is cheaper and more economical. Meanwhile, you can tell us your requirements for the apartment, such as the square meter, location, the number of bedrooms and living rooms etc. We will try our best to satisfy with you because your satisfaction is our joint wish.


Equipments: Internet, TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Water Heater, Microwave

Tel:   13005130777


Have questions pls contact us at:

USA: +1-334-247-3333

China: 13005-130777

Hong Kong: +852-81-999-555

AU: +61-2-8011-4777

UK:  +44-20-8144-2888

Sweden: +46-90-205-7777 

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Office address: Room 502, JinZePlaza, 201 west Huangpu Ave, Tianhe, Guangzhou, China


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