What is the best way to make money from China and Chinese without being in China?

What is the best way to make money from China and Chinese without being in China?
Suru.G Oct 12, 2019 20:30

Many Chinese want to cooperate with foreigners to make money, you should find them !

1、Be an online English teacher.

In China, many people want to learn English, if you are a foreigner in your country, you can teach them English through many famous mobile apps. If you want to know more app, you can send me a letter.

2、Help the translator to correct their translation.

I am a translator for Chinese——English. I want some foreigner people to correct my translation because I do not know some right translation. So, in my opinion, maybe we can cooperate with each other. I will look for some translation made by Chinese, and then you correct some grammar mistakes(especially the grammar mistakes)in it. I will ask the translator to payment for us. You know, they really want to know how to correct their mistakes!

3、Chat with other Chinese via qq.

Many Chinese people want to practice their spoken English, including me, but they can not find a person to do this. So, if you are patient and are willing to chat with Chinese, they are will to pay you money. At the beginning of this, maybe you can just earn RMB 50 per hour, but I can help you market in China. Chatting also can make money too.

To be honest, I want someone to cooperate with me on the subject 2. Now I am a student in Shanghai, in my spare time, I can make money through translating. I can make RMB 4000 per month in China, only in my spare time.

4、Sell some Chinese handmade decorations in your country.

There are many handmade decorations in China, for example, I ship this decorations to you, and then you sell them in your country. Certainly, you just tell me what is popular in your country, and I should search these for you.

5、Sell the bank account in your country.

May be you can not understand. In China, if a business man sell some goods to your country, for example, the goods is valued 1000 yuan, the company account of the business man can only receive 800 yuan, because he has to pay 200 to my country.But, if the buyer send the 1000 yuan to you, then you send 1000 yuan to me, I can only get 995 yuan, I send 995 yuan to the business man. Then, we can save 195 yuan for the business man. Because the tax rates on personal account and company account are different. Do you understand what I say?

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