Mr. Xi Zhi

Mr. Xi Zhi
SpongeBob Jul 23, 2015 14:46

I met Mr. Xi Zhi on in 2010..? Xiami is a music site, another tiny place where I hid some pieces of my secrets. I never followed people, I didn't like to be followed. There's no rule that I follow to make my life in order. My Arvatar has always been the little green monster, it wasn't carefully chosen, and yet I started my journey from there.

Then one day, I found a random music collection shared by Mr. Xi Zhi called 20 year old big child. So I made a comment that I liked his collection. I followed him, he followed me.

After that, my life continued. I wiped up my records once in a while, deleted some of my collections. But never Mr. Xi Zhi or his collection. 

Part of me is obsessive with things, once I started something, I want to perfect it and perfect it till it wears me out. Part of me knows I can never finish a thing, I have many unfinished movies, unfinished books, unfinished songs, unfinished relationships...I put them aside till the day I remember them...

I quit one weibo account few years ago, loggined once after 2 years and realised I had 20000+ fans..for the shit that I wrote?

I had a renren account that I quit few years ago, never had the motivation to login again yet...though I was once really popular on the site


Then I logged back to my xiami account, so quiet, same avartar as I randomly chose years ago, few collections and only Mr. Xi Zhi followed me.

Mr. Xi Zhi never talked to me, never bothered me in life.

He didn't care about my complex relationships with people. He couldn't see the embarrassing moments of my life and I didn't see the need to report every detail of my life. He didn't know my tears or laughters or anything. If I don't logged in for many many years, he wouldn't notice just the same as if I logged in. He's probably a she. He's probably no longer using the account.


But he's always there, as the only follower of mine, quietly there. That's what I like about Mr. Xi Zhi. (...or rather, what I like about myself. Did I tell you that I registered another account to add myself so that I don't feel so lonely and will never be abandoned anymore?)


Just kidding. I was suddently at the mood to start a small drama...Mr. Xi Zhi is real.

...though sometimes I feel the need to talk, so I talk to myself. After all, the world doesn't care...even if it's someone close. I don't blame them. Sometimes I don't even feel like to talk to myself...


...I would just look at myself quietly in the mirror and think...'God if I were a man, I would find an amazing woman like this and marry her...'


why can't I get back the the topic anymore...


Need a mirror, now!

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Xiami sounds like a cool site I'll check it out. Is it like soundcloud?

Aug 16, 2015 21:12 Report Abuse



Yes! :)

Nov 04, 2015 16:43 Report Abuse