Why international schools are expensive in China.

Why international schools are expensive in China.
Sairaab Jun 15, 2015 19:10

This is very strange situation that international schools are so much expensive in China. Because of this, a lot of question rises in human mind.

  1. Only foreigners have to right on international schools.
  2. Are every foreigner wealthy, whether he / she can afford the fees
  3.  If every foreigner who is very wealthy could pay school fees.
  4.  So if every foreigner is not wealthy then they have no right to admit his children at school.
  5. Their children's future in China is unsafe.
  6.  Has a normal local citizen right on these schools
  7. A typical local citizens could pay so heavily.
  8. If local cannot pay a fee, then a local citizens have no right to study his / her children in international school.
  9. But the biggest question that arises here for those foreigners, who come here for study purposes on limited scholarship.
  10. The scholarship is not so much that they enroll their child in school. Even they cannot imagine for this.
  11.  Where to get their children admitted.
  12. Such as their children's future is totally unsafe.



Based on the above mentioned doubts, it is need to step up that government authorities, local education body and international schools should make proposal, which is acceptable for local citizen and common foreigner in this matter. They should take step to give equal based educational rights for common foreigner students´ children. This is very things which bothers foreigner, who has a family. The government school based on Chinese language, and 99% schools do not give admission any foreigner due to language problem, which is also a great with common foreigner.

This issue needs to be resolved soon!!!


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