My first experience with Chinese people, here, in China.

My first experience with Chinese people, here, in China.
Sairaab Jun 14, 2015 14:06

Although I am looking Chinese people from my childhood in Pakistan. There, they were very loving as a nature. When they saw long hair of any Pakistani, their responses were very surprised. That was amazing which I felt in my childhood.

Now I am Chine. I cannot understand Chinese language regarding listening, speaking, writing and reading. As I am interested in job. I am applying many job. I received some responses from employer. For interview, I moved a lot of time. I do not know about location of many places. But when I went for interview and tried to find exact place. That time I faced difficulty. Because of language problem and also felt hesitation to communicate any local Chinese. Then I called my interviewer and said to need for help. Many time I frustrated from whole situation. But I could not stop myself

Gradually, I tried to communicate with local Chinese in English language. Mostly do not understand English and that time they smiled. Even I smiled with them on this situation. But on the other hand, even many Chinese could not understand me but they were willing to help me.

In this scenario, some Chinese called other Chinese for helping, or maybe they understand me. After some weeks, when I could speak little Chinese words or numbers, even then many Chinese could not understand me cause of not accurate Chinese accent. But they were always ready to help me.

One day, I was finding a building of my interview. I reached accurate place but could not find exact building. Because 5 to 6 buildings had same style, design and structure. Then I decided to go a security guard. I went and said to need help me. I only mentioned the building number in Chinese. He asked to me about flat number also. That person guide me and came along with me. When he found out my exact flat, he left me there. In this process, he spent near about 10-15 minutes for myself. I said to him “thank you” in Chinese, oh no. it does not matter. He replied me in Chinese.

In my point of you, Chinese are so soft spoken, caring, helping and loving people. They try to avoid quarreling. They like soft speaking people. If anyone will speak humble then they will humble and kind with you. So being a foreigner, live with Chinese, with love and peace.

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I normally don't responds to post like this, but this is seriously the most incomprehensible blog I have seen here. How can you call yourself an English teacher with the amount of mistakes in this blog? For example: improper tenses (e.g., past, continuous), misuse of articles, adding infinitives when they are not needed, lack of subject/pronouns in a sentence, etc. I seriously can't understand what you are trying to say for most of your blog.

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So... are you a certified Chinglish teacher?

Jun 15, 2015 21:54 Report Abuse



Are you talking about chinglish or English!!!! I am certified teacher

Jun 16, 2015 12:38 Report Abuse



I am sure you and 'botbonnie' are certified, but certainly not in IELTS!

Jun 15, 2015 16:49 Report Abuse



I have IELTS certificate also.

Jun 16, 2015 12:39 Report Abuse



Does that mean that you have an IELTS score having done the exam? I am sure you are a nice person, but please don't think your English is good enough to teach anyone older than kindergarten students. If you can't distinguish between the different verb tenses that your now deleted blog showed, you should be honest to your employers about your English language ability.

Jun 18, 2015 19:08 Report Abuse



sorry Sino - the comments are not going where they should on this.

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I agree completely. The Chinese people I have met both here in the states and in China are so considerate and kind.

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Yes Boatbonnie, they are kind.

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