Current English job situation, in non-English speaking countries.

Current English job situation, in non-English speaking countries.
Sairaab Jun 14, 2015 13:13

Current situation about English teaching jobs is not good in non- English speaking countries, especially the countries of Asian, Latin America etc. Because many natives of these countries do TESOL / TEFL / CELTA, but the English teaching job’s door are mostly closed for them in their own countries. Some countries have English as official language like Nigeria, Pakistan or may be some African countries. So there getting English job situation is not bad. But in those countries, where English is not an official language like some Asian countries, English job situation is in critical condition. Even they do not hire any other foreigner, when she / he is not native English speaker. Even though that foreigner has TESOL / TEFL or CELTA certification.

The most important thing is this that why these countries are concentrating only to hire native English speaker. What types of thing, they can only observe in native English speaker. Why are they focusing to hire non experienced native English speaker for teaching purpose. Is it only for accent or others?

According to teaching as a profession!!!!

  • A teacher should be professional in his / her subject.
  • A teacher should be aware from new knowledge, new methods related to his / her subject.
  • A teacher should have knowledge about to his / her subject related lesson plan.
  • A should be aware to implement different types of methods of lesson plan related to subject needs.
  • A teacher should have knowledge about teaching techniques, strategies, methods, researches and activities.

Here, very short listed points about related to professional teacher. If any native English speaker has these above qualities, then it is very good to give a chance for job. Because with this method brotherhood, love, exchange of culture will be promoted. With this, it is necessary to have a knowledge about ESL / EFL learners.

On the other hand, mostly non English speaking countries are hiring non-experienced native English speakers as teaching staff for school, private academies, and institutions and coaching centers.  It is a big injustice with teaching profession. Because the main purposes are to teach the students. But when any non-experienced person will come in professional line without getting any teaching training. Then how that person can teach the leaners in very well way. What will outcome and feedbacks from learners? What type of result, which can be expected from leaners? Training is necessary thing.   

It is need to be aware about teaching requirements before hiring. And it is great injustice with teaching profession. Many time, an ESL teacher can only understand ESL leaners’ problem. Because that teacher is already ESL learner and he / she has faced many problem as ESL learner. So an ESL teacher make understand the ESL learner in very well way.

The most important thing is this, for native English speaker or non-native English speaker, they should both experienced as a teacher. If they are new and want to come in teaching field, then they must get teacher training. Because the behavior of these all educational circle, many skilled and experienced teachers are facing injustice. Being a person, being a parents, being a students, everyone want skilled and qualified teacher, and also expert in his / her field.

So it is humble request to all educational circle that please do not do injustice with teaching profession. Do not unfair with skilled and expert teachers whose are not native English speakers. Please think about it!!!

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