Some skills in ESL / ELT

Some skills in ESL / ELT
Sairaab May 26, 2015 20:00

There are many skills are using in English Language Teaching or English as Secong Language. Respective skiils and productive skills. These inculde reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. there are also many sub skills are the part of above skills.During the lesson, a teacher apply different skills. With the help of skills, he / she tries to make his / her lesson effective for students. He / She adopt different methods for student's approacher and understanding. A successful lesson plan is full of information and knowledge, which satisfy the student.

In past, the lesson plan was a round to teacher centered base. But noe it is totally change. The idea of lesson plan focus on student centered base. Due to this new recipe, now teacher can motivate the student. Student shows his / her performance actively. It is helpful for teachers and students at one time. The most important thing is this which is very effective, the slow learners take part, and try to involve hinself / herself activity with energy.

It is very helpful for teacher to assess her/ his students. He / she judges the weaknesses of blow average students. He / she finds out his / her students related problem. 

In this method, a teacher analysis the hurdles of the students, where they are facing problem in speaking, listening, reading and writing. During individual and group activity, a teacher a round to each group. She communicates with students and help his / students. Sometime she / He assigns some active students to help their class fellows for completion the task.

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