During this tragic time, Chinese need our empathy and sympathy not irrational judgement

During this tragic time, Chinese need our empathy and sympathy not irrational judgement
thabet_sava Mar 06, 2020 20:56

It is too obvious that the world in general and China in particular are facing the most difficult challenge of modern time. They must exert every possible effort to contain and stop the spread of the COVID19 from becoming a pandemic that may lead to tragic results beyond human comprehension.

The Coronavirus infected approximately 80000 and killed more than 3000 individuals mostly in China. That fact created a universal panic due to the fact that little known about the virus and how to get rid of it or combat its spread.

Without stating the obvious, fear and tragic events beyond the human ability to grasp lead us to refer to irrational judgement to combat our fears or to deal with those tragic events.

It is logical to assume that common tragedies should unite us in dealing with them. They ought to gear us to cease from the temptation to putting the blame on one another or refer to drastic measures that will lead to irrational judgement, racial discrimination and finally ultimate isolation.

The COVID19 does not differentiate between people according to their race, gender or nationalities. Every human is susceptible to be infected by the virus. That fact should prompt us to make all our resources available to fight the horrendous virus.

All members of the scientific communities worldwide must put their efforts together to produce a vaccine to combat the virus before it becomes the source of our destruction.

 Faced with the prospect of dealing with the spread of the virus in their

own countries, some governments took drastic decisions to stop flights to China, or prevent Chinese from visiting the tourist attractions in their cities. Those irrational measures led to the isolation of China and its people.

 At this difficult time, Chinese need empathy, sympathy. They don’t need to be subjected to racial discrimination, judged harshly or isolated for reasons beyond their control.

One may argue that the virus originated in the city of Wuhan and few bureaucratic officials didn’t take the necessary measures to contain the spread of the virus. Should the whole Chinese population be punished for it? Isn’t enough that the Chinese economy was hit hard by the tragic event.

 As members of the human race, we must be empathetic toward our fellow individuals regardless of their racial, religious or political beliefs.

 The virus could have originated in country with greedy and irresponsible few who defy the legal system to make fast buck by dealing with wild animals.

 That tragedy ought to prompt us to acquire sympathy toward those who fell victims to the dangerous virus believing in the fact we or someone close to us could face the same dilemma of being infected by it or any virus similar to it. If that happens, we would expect others to be sympathetic toward us.

 I am certain that China will rise to the challenge to deal with the virus successfully. Other should be willing to offer much needed-help of understanding, empathy, sympathy, tolerance, fighting the temptation of being judgemental and rushing to taking drastic and unnecessary measure to isolate China and its people.

 I hope that my fellow foreign experts attempt to fight the temptation to leave China in its hours of need. Nevertheless, they should follow the advice of medical experts to protect themselves.

 Governments must close all greeedy and irresponsible outlets that deal with the illegal wild life trade.

 Finally, my thoughts and prayers goes to the Chinese people as well as others during that time of tragedy.

 As for others, please, try to be empathetic and sympathetic toward those who infected by the virus.

 I sincerely offer profound condolences to the families who lost their dear ones to the virus,

 May the higher power to be bestow upon you the serenity to deal with your loss.

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