Evolution of Chinese Attitudes toward Marriages to Foreigners

Evolution of Chinese Attitudes toward Marriages to Foreigners
thabet_sava May 13, 2013 22:45

Upon my arrival to the land of glorious history, China, in 2003, I discovered a fascinating phenomenon. Through my teaching assignment, I realized that the ultimate goal of a great number of my Chinese female students was to land a foreign husband.

My inquisitive nature, along with my expertise in observing and analyzing the human conduct, motivated me to dig further into the phenomenon to unravel its mystery. To accomplish that tedious task, I held several discussions with my students and with female friends whom I encountered during my daily routines.

The majority of them preferred foreigner husbands due to their romantic nature and attentive attitudes toward their significant others. However, few gave their profound desire to explore the wide universe of ours as an incentive to seek foreign husbands. Nevertheless, a small number of young ladies believed that a foreign husband will permit them the opportunity to secure a bright future.

I attempted in vain to dispute their claim pertinent to the romantic nature of foreign men. They were strongly convinced that American, Canadian and European men were conditioned by their upbringing to be romantic and gentle in dealing with the opposite gender. Chinese young ladies acquired that false notion from watching romantic comedies on the big and small screens. I tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade them to abandon those misleading ideas.

As time passed by and the number of mixed marriages between Chinese females and foreign gentlemen became a common occurrence, the bare truth appeared on the horizon. Foreign men are not different from their Chinese counterparts. Actually, in some aspects, they fare worse than their Chinese peers.

Faced with the harsh truth, many marriages failed due to the language and cultural barriers. Gradually, the Chinese attitudes toward marriages to foreigners began to evolve. Young ladies started to be selective in choosing their foreign partners. They focused more on the personal traits of each individual. Love dominated the spectrum of marriages.

Few years ago, the sight of an old foreign gentleman, in the company of a wife young enough to be his daughter, was common. Some young Chinese ladies believed that marrying an old foreign man was their ticket to the lands of golden opportunities.  Unfortunately, most of those marriages ended in heartaches for both the husbands and wives.

Nowadays, young Chinese women choose foreign husbands based on compatibility not on financial or other benefits. Those marriages have a tremendous chance of granting the couples the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of emotional fulfillment.

Being married to a Chinese wife myself, I discovered that with the proper approach, Chinese women would make excellent partners.  

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Could this be anymore written by a Chinese? Anyways, it's all bullshit. Fat, ugly, foreigners can still get girls because: We wash everyday We don't smoke constantly We don't spit in public We possess the ability to travel to almost every country without a problem. We have experience of traveling overseas and having independence, we don't rely on tour groups or other things constantly. We don't always follow the route of other people of our countries like sheep We don't cheat as much as Chinese boys do. We aren't mostly feminine like most Chinese guys. We have larger penises We mostly aren't 5'4 tall We don't wear cheap dress shoes with white socks and a cheap shiny slightly too small suit. We don't feel the need to do everything related to 'face' We don't follow hocus pocus bullshit medicine and cultural ideas 'Don't turn on the AC! My stomach cannot have a wind go to it!' We can have any number of children We can have children who look very white We can take them back home if needed We are more loving and romantic than Chinese guys, who think buying gifts of x value constitutes romance We don't show off our wealth constantly We can make more than the average local We don't agree with cheating and scamming everyone This is a short list, there could be more.

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"....glorious history,..." ?? Ha Ha Ha..lol!

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