The Place for Play: Yu Kids Island

The Place for Play: Yu Kids Island

All kids need to run around and let off steam, but Beijing isn’t exactly the best place for outdoor play. Between the bitterly cold winters, the stiflingly hot summers, and the year-round pollution, many parents are at a loss as to find a suitable place for their children to play. Hence the rising popularity of indoor play parks such as Yu Kids Island, where kids can have as much fun as they would outdoors while safely in a climate controlled indoor environment.

Yu kids island Beijing play park

Yu Kids Island is located on the top floor of the upscale shopping center The Place in Chaoyang District, an area popular with the expat population. There is a ball pit, a balloon cage, electric see-saws and ride on toys, slides, a bouncy gym, a ride on coconut tree, a building block area with hundreds of colorful blocks, and lots of assorted playground equipment, all in an open area with padded floors making it safe for kids to run around. The ball pit and the balloon cage, which is an enclosed area with bouncy floors filled with oversized balloons, are particularly big hits with the kids. The area is big enough for children and their parents to comfortably play, and there are couches located at the back where parents can sit and keep an eye on older kids who don’t need their parents following their every move. Many parents camp out with a good book, occasionally looking up to make sure their kids are still in sight. Children and parents are expected to remove their shoes upon entering and children are not allowed to wear split pants while in the play area, so it stays clean and sanitary. Yu Kids Island has activities suitable for babies as well as older kids, although school aged children will probably find the presence of so many small children a bit limiting. Small babies and toddlers should be watched carefully as well, since rambunctious four year olds do not often pay attention to their surroundings and it would be easy for a smaller child to be accidentally knocked down and hurt. While attendants patrol Yu Kids Island frequently they are mostly making sure the area stays clean and sanitary and making sure that children and parents do not break the rules. They do not police the childrens’ behavior or referee fights between the children, so careful supervision is still required.

Yu Kids Island is probably good for about 2 hours of play for the average child. While the ticket allows children to play all day, since the activities at Yu Kids Island are mostly physical, younger kids will wear themselves out well before the day is out. However, also on the 4th floor of The Place is a sand play area, a painting/arts and crafts station, and there are several restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the place, so a family could conceivably plan a day of play around Yu Kids Island and the surrounding activities. Traveling families can also visit the Yu Kids Island in Shanghai.

Yu Kids Island 爱乐游园地View In Map
Add: 4/F, South Bldg, The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
地址: 北京市朝阳区光华路9号世贸天阶南楼4层 Daily 10am-10pm
Price: 50RMB per day per child. A year pass good for 5 visits is 150RMB; a year pass good for 15 visits is 300RMB
On vacation days one parent may accompany the child, on non-vacation days both parents may accompany the child.
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Suitable Ages: 6 months-6 years

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