Olympic-Themed Restaurant to Open in Bird’s Nest Stadium

Olympic-Themed Restaurant to Open in Bird’s Nest Stadium
By Ellen Schliebitz , eChinacities.com

Rumors and speculation about the fate of Beijing’s Bird Nest have been doing the rounds even before the Olympic Games kicked off in 2008. However, well over a year ago, an unidentified official of the National Stadium revealed that the now iconic landmark would be turned into a themed restaurant, and the Olympic Green a carnival theme park. Despite this announcement, the permanent usage of the venue and its surrounding space remained shrouded in mystery – until now.

Bird’s Nest Restaurant Beijing

According to a recent article published by Beijing News (新京报), an Olympic-themed restaurant is indeed opening on the third floor of the Bird’s Nest. Its grand opening predicted for the end of June. The restaurant will occupy an expanse of 6000 square meters, with the dining area taking up over half of it. Apparently, the restaurant won’t be just another restaurant, but a venue where art, tea and alcohol culture converge. Of course, its overriding theme will focus on the Olympic Games, the memories of which will be resurrected by means of a special exhibition.

The menu’s main focus will be on Chinese cuisine, but not exclusively. Some Western food will also be offered. Average expenditure is estimated to start from 50 RMB per person and 300 RMB per person in the private rooms.

In terms of layout and décor, the restaurant consists of three sections: an Olympic Games exhibition space showcasing items from the event’s opening ceremony in the center, and two dining areas on either side. The restaurant will also have five VIP rooms, some of which will be decorated with Chinese traditional landscape paintings. Overall, the restaurant utilizes a fairly neutral and slick color scheme, mainly consisting of silver and white, with the odd splash of red.

Rumor has it that a brand new cinema and hotel will also open in the Bird’s Nest in the not so distant future. So, if all turns out according to plan, the Bird’s Nest will be resurrected as a venue defined by indulgence, entertainment and comfort, thus rendering the days when it hosted the world’s largest sports event a distant memory.

Source: Xin Jing Bao

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