Miyun: Beijing’s Picturesque Suburb

Miyun: Beijing’s Picturesque Suburb

Welcome to Miyun, a picturesque suburban county north east of Beijing where the hills are green, the air is fresh and pollution at bay. The area is known for its beautiful natural environment and rich history, but what makes Miyun even more attractive is that this little natural paradise not only offers a diverse range of sites and activities, but it is also within easy reach of Beijing. If a weekend retreat from the stressful city is what you are looking for then Miyun may be just the place for you. Below is an introduction of one of Miyun’s most peaceful country resorts.

Zheli Holiday Village 褶醴度假村
A trip to this resort will make you wonder why you ever chose to live in the city. The scenery here is quite unique, especially the natural mineral water beside the resort. The green hills and trees surrounding the resort are breathtaking and the most noise you’ll hear here is the trickling sound of the nearby stream and the singing of the birds.


The resort is composed of beautiful wooden villas, built on natural stone foundations. Visitors can choose between three accommodations: a courtyard house made with natural stone and fully renovated with wooden furniture, a wooden room or log cabin by the riverside, or a standard riverside room with views of the stream and waterfall. The local food is delicious too. An abundance of food grows naturally here including mulberries, Miyun crisp jujubes, Shangyu wild mushrooms and Miyun chestnuts, to name but a few. Other Miyun specialties include pomegranate tofu, pumpkin crab, feather pigeon and duck. If that doesn’t sound appetizing enough then the resort offers a DIY barbeque option for 60 RMB per person. The fee includes a barbeque, coals, cold dishes and meat skewers (chuan’r).


Around Zheli
Zheli Holiday Village is conveniently located near the Wuling Mountain scenic area. It is also close to the Great Wall at Simatai, the Great Wall at Jingshanling and the Yaogiaoyu Reservoir (遥桥峪)

This resort is situated 800 meters above sea level. Therefore, temperatures can drop sharply, especially at night so it is strongly advised to bring a few thick layers of clothing with you, especially now that the winter is approaching.

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Tel: 010 5165 5367
Address: West Gate of Wuling Mountain, near Caojialu Town, Miyun, Beijing.
Website: www.bjzheli.cn (Chinese)

Courtyard standard room (includes a hot kang): 280 RMB
Courtyard Suite (includes two bedrooms, a fireplace and a hot kang): 880 RMB
Waterside cabin (includes 2 bedrooms, a fireplace and a hot kang): 680 RMB
Waterside standard room: 280 RMB
Log cabin: 380 RMB
Small wooden room for couples: 280 RMB

Getting there
Bus: Take the bus 980 from Dongzhimen to the Miyun Longdistance Bus Station. From there, get a local taxi or mini bus to the west gate of Wuling Mountain (雾灵山西门).

By car: Exit from the Jingcheng expressway at the last exit (Shayugou沙峪沟), turn left at the exit and get on the 101 National Road towards Gubeikou (古北口) in the Chengde (承德) direction. Follow this road for 40 km until you get to Sangyuan intersection (桑园路口) where you turn right. Continue for another 30km towards Xinchengzi (新城子). After passing through Xinchengzi, drive in the Wuling Mountain direction to Caojialu Town (曹家路镇). Cross the bridge and continue for about another 2km to the west gate of Wuling Mountain.

Total journey time: Zheli Resort is about 140km from Beijing and takes about 2 hours to reach by car.

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