Horse Riding Grounds in Beijing

Horse Riding Grounds in Beijing

Now that the smothering summer heat has subsided and given way to mild temperatures, blue skies and gentle winds, the perfect time for horse riding has arrived! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor equestrian centers all around Beijing, so below we’ve found three popular places for you to enjoy this increasingly popular activity.


Equuleus International Riding Club (天星调良国际马术俱乐部)View In Map
Equuleus International Riding Club is a member of the Chinese Equestrian Association and Beijing Equestrian Association, and has hundreds of members from both China and overseas. The Club is a popular gathering spot for equestrian lovers. It owns 20 imported mixed blood horses and 6 Chinese horses, and the horses are cleaned and taken care of once a day. After exercising, the horses get showered and receive diathermy to relax their back muscles. In the winter, all horses wear special horse clothes so that they stay in impeccable physical shape throughout the year. The center has been called “the best place for the management of horse stables” by the Hong Kong Jockey Association. The clubhouse is warm and homely, having been designed according to the layout of a family home, with a fireplace, sofa, television, fresh flowers, magazines etc. There are also special rooms for placing the whips, riding clothes, helmets, lockers and shower facilities and changing rooms for after riding. The saddlery contains riding items from all over the world, as well as goods for the horses and various present ideas.

Add: 91 Shunbai Lu, Sunhe Town, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京朝阳区孙河镇顺白路91号
Getting there: 998 bus to the final stop at Maquanying Stop (马泉营)
Tel: 010-64324947
Price: Membership fee is RMB 2000 per person, per annum. Family membership costs RMB 5000 per year.

Beijing Great Wall Sunshine Valley Equestrian Club (长城阳光山谷马术俱乐部)View In Map
This equestrian club offers equestrian sports, health and recreational activities as well as an indoor riding arena, and obstacle course, training grounds, horse breaking area, a grazing site, and more. The Beijing Great Wall Equestrian Club possesses the largest indoor equestrian center in China, which can host all sorts of equestrian events. The obstacle course is also suitable for holding top-notch official competitions and the grazing sites are situated within a beautiful mountain valley. The equestrian club owns thirty English mixed breeds as well as many national breeds. The club also offers other first-class facilities such as a four-star hotel and restaurant, a tennis court and a clubhouse with various recreational facilities. What’s more, this fine club actually serves as the base for the National Equestrian Team; visitors can watch them train.

Add: 8 Yangguang Lu, Badaling Town, Yanqing, Beijing北京延庆八达岭镇阳光路8号
Getting there: take the 919 express bus from Deshengmen to the Yingchengzi stop.
Tel: 010-81182300
Price: RMB 200 per hour (includes training lessons), RMB 120/hour (doesn’t include training lessons)

Beijing Country Equestrian Park (北京乡村赛马场) View In Map
Constructed according to international standards, this large-scale equestrian center boasts 200 horses. Visitors can go horse riding in the riding center and they can also ride around the golf course, make a trip to the Chaobai River or traverse the forests, rivers, grasslands and other natural scenic spots in the area. The tournament season begins April 1st and continues to the end of October, with competitions taking place every Saturday and Sunday at 3:00pm. During the winter season, tournaments take place from November 1st until the end of March, every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00am. Apart from the equestrian center, the equestrian park is also home to a large golf course.

Add: Turn right (south) at Yanjing Jiuguang Crossroads, Shunyi Mapo Town, Beijing北京顺义马坡乡马坡镇过燕京酒厂路口右拐路南
Getting there: take the 915 bus to 2 Country Equestrian Park
Tel: 010-69403888

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Do the equestrian centres/clubs allow you much hands on with the horses? Can you tack up and groom if you want to?

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