Feeling Generous? Where to Donate Unwanted Items in Beijing

Feeling Generous? Where to Donate Unwanted Items in Beijing
By Sarah Hansen , eChinacities.com

Got a lot of clutter and wondering how and where to donate unwanted items in Beijing?
Whether your plans to lose weight went awry or worked rather too well; you would like to give to a worthy cause; or you plan to end your time in China soon and need to abandon the things that can't possibly fit inside your duffel bag – we have suggestions for places where you can donate unwanted items or who to contact to learn more.

There are many well established charities in Beijing where you can donate unwanted items and give back. These may very well have a donation drive imminently or else good information about how and where you can look for other donation locations and/or volunteer opportunities.

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1) Roundabout ChView In Map
Bookstore and charity donatiarity Store
on center, this expat-operated endeavor started by Leslie Simpson is making it a bit difficult with a currently nonexistent website and convoluted directions and information on various foreign directory listings; however Roundabout does some considerable and commendable work.

It might be a little tricky to track down, but the expat network in Beijing is quite familiar with this non-profit establishment that opened the doors of its first location back in 2008, and many groups and individuals continue to keep Roundabout in the public eye.

The charity organization cooperates with many other volunteer and charity groups in the city and assists 48 different charities in China through different means. It should be open from 9:30 until 17:30 Monday through Friday, but it may be prudent to try contacting the store first by email or phone before venturing all the way out to Shunyi.

Add: Yuyang Xi Lu (off Anhua Lu), behind the Yosemite Villa, Shunyi District, Beijing
Tel: 13718777761 (English), 13718053814 (Chinese)
Website: www.roundaboutchina.com
Email: roundaboutchina@gmail.com
Getting there: take bus 942 to Shunyi International School Station (顺义国际学校站)

2) Beijing Government Charity Centers
Run by Beijing's city government, these donation centers take most used goods that are in good condition. The phone line and website are only in Chinese, so if you aren't confident in your Mandarin reading/speaking skills then get a friend to help you contact the centers for more information, or just arrive with gently used items at one of these many locations.

They do not accept unclean or damaged items and specifically, no undergarments. There are many locations across the city, all of which can be found on their website: http://bjjz.bjmzj.gov.cn. Below are the addresses for the Chongwenmen and Xizhimen centers.

Chongwenmen CenterView In Map
Add: 3-10 Zhushikou Dongdajie, Chongwen District, Beijing
Tel: 010 6707 5870
Getting there: take bus 23 to Chongwen Sanlihe Station (崇文三里河站)  

Xizhimen CenterView In Map
Add: Room 630, 20 Xizhimen Nanxiaojie, Xicheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010 6620 6345
Getting there: take subway line 2 or 4 to Xizhimen Station (西直门站)

3) Operation Blessing View In Map
Originally a United States' non-profit, this group is active across the world with several bases in China including in Beijing. Here, it operates as a legal charity, and the staff is mostly made up of native Chinese citizens hoping to improve the lives of impoverished or needy individuals across the country.

As with many large charity organizations, you can donate money directly to the group to be distributed by them in fitting ways, but the Beijing office also accepts physical donations of goods. However, the staff requires that you first contact them before coming by with donations.

Add: Building 44, Honghua Jiayuan, 108 Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 6466 9296
Email: info@obchina.org
Website: www.obchina.org   

4) Rotaract Beijing
This is a volunteer organization that aims to provide constant volunteer opportunities for the Beijing community.  Rotaract Beijing has teamed up with many other groups and charities in the past to facilitate charity donation drives to coordinate convenient drop-off points around the city. Currently the website does not list an upcoming charity drive, but we suggest contacting this highly-involved group to discuss opportunities.

Website: www.rotaractbeijing.org

5) Beam
BEAM, or Bridging Education and Mobility, was started in 2012 and describes itself as a platform to connect ideas and resources with a focus of attention paid to Chinese rural education projects. This group welcomes partners and individuals with visions for improvement and the drive to make their ideas come to fruition.

A past project called Project Restore involved the collection of items such as clothing from international students who were leaving China to return to their home nations. Contact this specific group or the larger BEAM administration to inquire about their needs and current projects.

Website: http://www.beamalliance.com/
Email: restore@beamalliance.com, info@beamalliance.com

6) Beijing Foundation
A charity run by a group of foreign and native Beijing residents that volunteer their time to facilitate charity/volunteerism for the benefit of Northern China. By working with a network of other NGOs, charities, and government entities, Beijing Foundation helps those living in China give to and participate in worthwhile endeavors.

Website: www.beijingfoundation.org
Email: beijingfoundation@gmail.com 

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