El Vino Did Flow: Beijing’s Best Restaurants for Wine

El Vino Did Flow: Beijing’s Best Restaurants for Wine

Located in the Lisikaerdun Hotel, Cépe was named an “Excellent Wine Restaurant in 2008” by Wine Appreciation magazine. Cépe boasts a wine list featuring more than 484 wines from all around the world.There are bottles from emerging wine regions all the way up to various prestigious chateaux of northern Italy.
Address: First floor, Lisikaerdun Hotel, Financial Street, Xicheng District
Tel: 010-66016666

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Barolo, in the Huamao Ritz-Carlton is more convenient for those living on the east side of Beijing. There are many famous wines offered here from the Barolo district of Italy, as well as local wines called the “Kings of Red Wine.”
Address: Ritz-Carlton Hotel, China Central Place, A83 Jianguo Lu, CBD
Tel: 010-59088888

This restaurant, in the swanky JW Marriott Hotel features southern-central French cuisine; almost all the wines featured in this restaurant are brewed by Pinot themselves.
Address: Inside the JW Marriot Hotel, 83 Jianguo Lu, China Central Place, CBD
Tel: 010-59088995

Besides the usual grand restaurants, there are actually some outstanding smaller places hidden among the capital’s numerous restaurants.

The Meat & Wine Co.
This restaurant is divided into upper and lower layers; most of the interior decoration makes use of stone, wood, leather, colored glass and changing lights to create a rich sense of space. This is a Beijing original in terms of boasting an excellent cellar with multi-layered glasses, and separate entrances from the waiting area, as well as the bar, separated from the primary area of the restaurant. The restaurant features beefsteak and all the cuts are selected by hand and seasoned to best unleash the meat’s natural flavor. Finally, the steaks are marinated with a homemade secret flavoring before being roasted on an open flame. The selected beef and poultry are fed by grain free of hormones or antibiotics. No frozen meat is used and fresh meat is marinated in seasoning in vacuum packing for 21 to 30 days. Similarly, the seafood offered here is served no more than 24 hours after being caught.

It is crucial to complement delicate dishes with red wine. Fine wine originating from South Africa and vintage wines produced from new wine regions come here from small scale family wine cellars after careful selection. One of them is Domaine du TIX, a family farm located in the Rhone Valley of France producing high quality wine.
Address: No. 23 the Front Door, East Street, Front Door
Tel: 010-66121751

La Vin
Another restaurant offering little-known yet outstanding wines. The owner, a wine lover, has selected more than 500 wines for his restaurant, including wines from different countries around the world and prices even lower than the supermarkets. To promote wine culture, the boss hired famous Chef Lin Fanying from No. 18 Bund in Shanghai to serve French cuisine and also sought out expert sommeliers to recommend the most suitable wine for each course to customers.

La Vin is located in a busy area full of hustle and bustle, but once you enter you will be soothed and relaxed. It is rare to find such an elegant place in the city. The best dishes are the pan-fried codfish in soya sauce, crispy suckling pig and scallops tartare matched with different wines.
Address: No. 6, East Road, North 4th Ring Road
Tel: 010-84572839

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