Bigger is Better: Discover Beijing’s Future Subway Lines

Bigger is Better: Discover Beijing’s Future Subway Lines

Beijing traffic may get hostile on the surface sometimes, but deep down there's a subway system that always loves us, and it's one of the cheapest and most convenient in the world. You can hardly toss a cat without hitting one of the 192 stations in Beijing's extensive network, which has grown from just five lines in 2007 to today's fifteen… and counting. New lines and stations are already in the works, slated for operation in 2015 or earlier. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

Line 4
The line from Anheqiao North will extend north to Yongfeng station, adding Baiwang Shan, Xibei Wang, and Hangtian Cheng West stations along the way. No news yet as to exact opening dates.

Line 5
The final stop on Line 5's new extension line, Yizhuang Railway Station, is still unavailable, but when it begins operation it will connect with high speed rail to Tianjin, sure to speed up intercity connections. Still no news as to exact opening times.

Line 6
Line 6 will cut a much-needed horizontal swath through the heart of the city, all the way from Pingguoyuan in the west to Dongxiaoying in the east, expected to ease strain on the famously overcrowded Line 1. The completed line will serve 33 stations, most of them new, including popular destinations like Beihai North, Nanluoguxiang, and Dongdamen in Chaoyang. Operation is scheduled to begin in December of 2015.

Line 7
Line 7 is another new horizontal line, designed to connect Beijing West Railway Station to Jiaohuachang in the east, connecting four separate districts (Fengtai, Xicheng, Dongcheng, and Chaoyang) in the process. Line 7 is expected to open for business at the end of 2014.

Line 8
The extension of Line 8 from Beitucheng in the north to Wufutang in the south is another much anticipated development, as it will offer service to Sichahai (Houhai) and the Chinese Museum of Art, providing a vertical complement to Line 6, intersecting conveniently at Nanluoguxiang. Construction will be completed in stages, with stage 1 (the Olympic line) already completed, stage 2 (Beitucheng to Guloudajie) opening in 2013, and stage 3 (Art Museum to Wufutang) opening in 2015.

Line 9
With the south section (Guogongzhuang to Beijing West Railway Station) already operational, the north section (Beijing West Railway Station to National Library) should be ready for passengers on December 28 of this year.

Line 10
Line 10 is about to become the big bad grandchild of Line 2, as the second stage of construction wraps former southeastern endpoint Jinsong back around to Bagou in the northwest, forming a giant loop around the city, slated for opening in December of this year.

Line 14
Line 14 is another marathon line designed to stretch from Zhangguozhuang in the far southwest to Shangezhuang in the far northeast, cutting through Beijing South Railway Station and Chaoyang Park along the way. The small western patch from Zhangguozhuang to Xiju will open in March of 2013, while the remaining large L-curve up from Xiju up to Shangezhuang will open in December of 2014.

Line 15
New construction on Line 15 will connect Tsinghua University East to the line's former endpoint in Wangjing West, and should be ready in December of 2014.

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