Beijing Watchdog: Two Flies’ the Limit, Hutong Theatre and More

Beijing Watchdog: Two Flies’ the Limit, Hutong Theatre and More

You may not be able to tell by the heavy rains and the smoggy gray, but summer is upon Beijing. And there's no better way to welcome the summer than to get out there and enjoy the upcoming events in Beijing. Read on to find out more.

Notable News:

1) The two flies rule
Recent Chinese history hasn't been so great for flies in China. Back in the Revolutionary days they were targeted in Mao's "Four Pests Campaign" and now again the bulging-eyed flying nuisances are in the sights of Beijing authorities. New sanitary guidelines for public toilets in Beijing allow only two flies per public toilet, any above that number will meet the full force of the law; i.e. the backhand of city sanitation workers. So far it is unclear exactly how city authorities will enforce the new regulation...I mean, what if the fly is just visiting?

2) 72 hours and green cards
Even with the recent backlash against foreigners in Beijing, city officials are taking steps to make it easier for foreign tourists to visit the city. Recently, Fu Zhenghua, Director of the Beijing Municipal Public Safety Bureau stated that the city will allow foreigners to visit the capital for 72 hours without a visa. Furthermore, the city is also planning on making more green cards available to foreigners that have made a contribution to the city or have family connections in China.

3) Gutter oil scandal hits famous Beijing restaurant
Qianjude is famous all over China for its Beijing roast duck, but recently two Beijing branches of the famed restaurant chain have been in the deep fryer over allegations that they sold used and unsafe oil to a second party that was caught using the bad oil to make street food. The branches claim that they were misled by the man who said he was going to recycle the used oil.

So far it is unclear what action authorities will take against Qianjude but the man caught making and selling food with the dangerous oil could face five years in prison.


1) 3rd Nanluoguxiang Theater Festival
If you like live theater, don't miss the 3rd annual Nanluoguxiang Theater Festival that will light up the hutong alleys all throughout June. There will be everything from indie plays to more classic performances stretched out over various hutong theater locations, including: the Penghao Theater, the Central Academy of Performance Experimental Theater, the Beijing People's Art Theater, The Beijing National Pioneer Theater, the Prevailing Customs Theater, the Dong Si Worker's Cultural Palace and the Top-Drama Theater. For more information look here.

2) Fete de la Musique
The first Fete de la Musique was held in France in 1982 and has since spread to over 100 cities worldwide. This year it has finally made its way to the Gulou area of Beijing, which will hold the festival on June 21. The idea is to take over area bars and cafes with non-stop live music late into the night with over 30 bands scheduled to rock the night away at the following locations: Mao Livehouse, Temple Bar, Salud, Mondernista, Blue Steam, Four Corners, Tushuguan 98, Jianghu, Gulou 121, Jiangjinjiu, XP, Zajia Lab, Cangku and the Beilou Cafe. Most shows should start at 18:30 and entrance is free. So get out there and enjoy the musique!

3) Tobi Neumann comes to Migas
If you like German DJs, you don't want to miss Tobi Neumann when he brings his classic techno and German House beats to the bar at Migas on June 22. The show will get started at 22:00 and tickets cost 30 RMB.

4) dazeFEAST 2012
If you want to enjoy some of the best local bands in Beijing with friends and beer, head out to 2Kolegas on Saturday June 23 for the dazeFEAST 2012, which will feature over 17 bands giving live performances all afternoon and into the night. And best yet, it's free! So head on out and enjoy!


1) New Gung Ho!
If you are a fan of Gung Ho! and their quality pizzas, and happen to live in Shuangjing, it's time to smile as Gung Ho! opened their next location there on June 6.

2) Avocado Tree opens on Xiaoyun Road
If you are a fan of burritos and tacos, make your way over to Xiaoyun Road right beside Home Plate BBQ and check out the newest branch of Avocado Mexican grill.

3) Beijing Happy Magic Water Cube Waterpark reopens
Yes it is a long redundant name, but when you operate the biggest water park in the world you have the freedom to take some liberties. With enough room for over 30,000 visitors there is plenty of watery fun for all. So head out to Fengtai District this summer and escape the heat in the newly reopened park. More info here

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