Beijing Watchdog: Speed Dating, Frida Kahlo, Beggars and More!

Beijing Watchdog: Speed Dating, Frida Kahlo, Beggars and More!

Given the fact that Beijing is such a dry city, it's a bit strange to find everyone suddenly filled with dread at the forecast of rain. Still, don't let it stop you from getting out and enjoying some of the upcoming events and openings in Beijing!

Beijing Watchdog: Speed Dating, Frida Kahlo, Beggars and More!

Notable news:

1) Airport begging ring busted
In early July, Beijing police cracked the case of a newly formed begging ring that targeted passengers at Beijing Capital Airport. According to reports, a 23-year-old woman from Hebei called Su recruited around 12 disabled people in Hebei and Hubei, promising them good jobs and a lot of money in Beijing. Once in Beijing, however, they were forced to beg for money at the airport, with Su renting them a small room nearby.

Police began to take action after they noticed a dramatic increase in beggars at the airport and after passengers began to complain. Even though the begging ring was only in operation for about a month, Su reportedly made over 50,000 RMB. Su is currently in police custody and the disabled beggars were 'educated' by police and then released.

2) CoCoRosie show postponed
Many were excited to hear CoCoRosie's unique blend of music, described at 'freak folk', would grace their ears on August 21. Unfortunately the show at Yugong Yishan has been postponed until further notice. No specific details were given so keep your eyes and ears open for updates.

3) Safety questions raised after July rainstorm
Saturday, July 21 is not a day that will soon be forgotten in Beijing. Rain, which is usually a blessing for this dry city, quickly turned into a curse as reaped havoc and tested Beijing's infrastructure. While Beijing proper was hit bad enough, it was the outlying suburbs the got the worse of it, especially Fangshan, where over half of the 77 deaths attributed to the storm occurred.

While it was the biggest rainstorm to hit Beijing in over 60 years, Beijing residents were angry at the lack of warning and the apparent lack of planning in case such a storm ever hit Beijing. In particular, many have pointed at the lack of drainage infrastructure clearly seen by the flooding on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway. While the Beijing government has taken quick action with the resignation of both its mayor and vice-mayor, the real question is why it takes a disaster for the city to address a lack of preparedness in case of a large storm. As anyone who has lived in Beijing for a few years knows, this is not the first rainstorm to cause problems in Beijing.

Beijing Watchdog: Speed Dating, Frida Kahlo, Beggars and More!
DJ Shadow. Photo:


1) Stripping Eve exhibition at the Cervantes Institute
If you like art then make sure to head out to the Cervantes Institute to see the 'Stripping Eve' exhibition that will be on display until October 14. The exhibition focuses on the works of prominent female artists from both Spain and China, and features the works of Frida Kahlo among other famous artists. The exhibition runs 10:00-19:00 daily and is free.

2) DJ Shadow at Yugong Yishan
If you like the combination of hot beats and flashing lights, mark August 11 on your calendar! DJ Shadow is making his way to Yugong Yishan to rock your world, with advance tickets going for 200 RMB and tickets at the door sold for 280 RMB. The show will start at 21:00 and will run till 23:30. 

3) Marketa Irglova in Beijing
Most people might know Irglova from her Academy Award winning performance in "Once," but she also happens to be quite the singer. The 23-year-old is currently touring for her latest album "Anar" and will be performing at Yugong Yishan on August 17. Tickets cost 100 RMB in advance and 150 RMB at the door, with the show kicking off at 21:00. For more information, go here.

4) Rev Run for real
Everyone was disappointed when hip-hop godfather Rev Run (of Run DMC) couldn't make it for his scheduled July 20 performance in Beijing. Well, cheer up! Rev Run has rescheduled for August 17. So get ready to hear one of the co-founders of Def Jam Records when he comes to Elements. The show will start at 23:00 and tickets are 100 RMB in advance or 150 at the door.

5) eChina speed dating
Getting into the whole dating scene can be a little difficult at times, especially in another country. Luckily for you eChina Dating has taken that into consideration and is holding its first speed dating event at Beijing's very own Steak Factory (Oriental Plaza branch). The event will be held August 25 at 14:00, so make sure you're prim and proper to impress. Tickets cost 120 RMB for women and 180 RMB for men and include appetizers, beverages and a prize giveaway. To register, click here.

Restaurant openings:

1) Bistro Ivi opens in Fortune Plaza
If you like restaurants with a cafe-like feel that offer contemporary European cuisine, head on out to the newly opened Bistro Ivi at Fortune Plaza!

2) Ala House: whiskey bar in Central Park
If you have been waiting for a whiskey dedicated bar in Central Park, your prayers have been answered with the arrival of Ala House. The new bar features around 100 single malts, Scotches and Bourbons for the whiskey connoisseur to enjoy.  If you're not that much into whiskey, don't let that deter you from going, as they also have a wide variety of cocktails.

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