2014 Bookworm Beijing Literary Festival: Which Events to Hit?

2014 Bookworm Beijing Literary Festival: Which Events to Hit?
By Margaux Schreurs , eChinacities.com

The Bookworm Literary Festival celebrates literature and ideas brought together from China and beyond. This is a great opportunity to meet your favorite authors, especially those writing on China, and listen to them talk about their books and/or areas of expertise. This year it hosts more than 300 events in 8 cities, connecting more than 110 writers and thinkers. and will be held from March 7 to March 21.  If you want to spice up your life after work, during the week, or on the weekends, why not attend one of these events?

Information on all events can be found on the Bookworm’s official website. You can now buy tickets; however, they are only available for purchase in person at the Bookworm. Here we give you a little taste of some of the events you can expect to see at the Beijing leg of the country-wide event.

Venue Information
Beijing’s Bookworm literary festival events are taking place at four locations: The Bookworm, iQiYi cafe, the Opposite House and Element Fresh at Parkview Green. All of the below events will take place at either The Bookworm or iQiYi Café.

The BookwormView In Map
Add: 4 Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 6586 9507
Opening hours: Daily, 09:00-01:00

iQiYi CaféView In Map
Add: 1 Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 6500 8180
Opening hours: Daily, 10:00-22:00

 The Bookworm Literary Festival

Asia’s WWI: 100 years on
Marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, the Bookworm will host renowned Australian historian Paul Ham, author of 1914: The Year the World Ended, and Mark O’Neill, author of Chinese Labour Corps, and naval historian Steven Schwankert. Together they will discuss China’s and East Asia’s experiences during the First World War.

When: March 9, 14:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 80 RMB

Chinese history in English literature
Historical novelist Adam Williams and Christopher New, author of China Trilogy, will discuss with Simon Elegant about the inspiration they have derived from China’s vast history of grand emperors, civil wars and complex political intrigue.

When: March 9, 16:00
Where: iQiYi Cafe
How much: 65 RMB

Excess baggage: Karen Ma discusses her debut novel
Karen Ma discusses her novel ‘Excess Baggage’ with Barbara Demick. The book looks at two Chinese sisters torn apart by history; one who is raised in a futuristic, wealthy Japan, and another who is ‘left behind’ in rural China. The story draws on elements from Ma’s own life.

When: March 11, 13:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 65 RMB

Will China dominate the 21st century?
Jonathan Fenby and Kaiser Kuo discuss whether the image of the unstoppable China is really true; or whether the challenges facing China will break its rapid growth. This event will also be available on the Sinica podcast.

When: March 12, 13:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 80 RMB

Spotlight: British Literature
Two fresh voices from the British literary scene, Francesca Rhydderch and Janette Jenkins, will discuss their own writing and inspirations, as well as take a deeper look at the British literary scene, its strengths and weaknesses, and its future.

When: March 12, 20:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 65 RMB

Decoded: Mai Jia in Conversation
Former PLA telecommunications and propaganda specialist turned best-selling novelist will talk about his novel Decoded, which will soon have an English translation released. The novel has a very blurred line between fiction and true-to-life fact, which has made him a popular novelist in both China and the English speaking world.

When: March 13, 18:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 80 RMB

Boom or Bust: Projections for China’s Economy
Renowned analysts and commentators Arthur Kroeber, Huang Yiping and Michael Pettis join The Economist’s Ted Plafker to discuss the future of China’s post-financial crisis and development era. What will the next 20 years have in store for China’s economy, and what will the effects be on business in China?

When: March 15, 16:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 80 RMB

Urban China
Authors Tom Miller (China’s Urban Billion), Neville Mars (award winning Dutch architect and author of The Chinese Dream: A Society Under Construction) and a Chinese expert on urbanization, Tao Ran, will discuss what China’s urbanization means for China and the world.

When: March 16, 10:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 65 RMB

44 Days, 12,000 Kilometres
This is Jeff Brown’s account of a 12,000-km journey through China. Brown also gives an enlightening look at early 21st century China, and speculates on the future.

When: March 16, 16:00
Where: iQiYi Café
How much: 65 RMB

Set in Old China
This is a children’s session for ages 8-12 with Alison Lloyd who will host an interactive story-writing workshop with a focus on her passion for using Ancient China in her writing.

When: March 17, 10:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 50 RMB

Committing Journalism: Foreign Correspondents on Chinese Affairs
A medley of correspondents in China will join together and discuss their latest experiences of working on the mainland. The wealth of experience between them makes this event a must-see.

When: March 18, 13:00
Where: The Bookworm
How much: 80 RMB

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