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Zhuhai: Plants, Animals and Ecology

For a complete return to nature, there is no shortage of options in Zhuhai: whether you are a fan of aquatic wildlife, agrotourism, or whether you’ve always wondered what it was like for the Mayan settlements living in the Amazon rain forest, there is something for everyone. Read more>>

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Head to the Coast: Top 5 Attractions in Zhuhai HOT

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Home to 146 islands scattered in the vast expanse of the South China Sea, Zhuhai is nicknamed City of a Hundred Islands. With four-fifths of the city surrounded by sea, tourists are flocking in. Here are five attractions worth checking out. ... Read More>>

Parks in Zhuhai: Connecting with Nature in the City HOT

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There comes a day in every urbanite's life when one longs for a tranquil escape to nature. While Zhuhai is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, the city's parks also offer a convenient retreat from the concrete jungle. From Jingshan Park's ...... Read More>>

Golden Rush: Finding Zhuhai’s Most Idyllic Sandy Beaches HOT

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Zhuhai is not only known for being a very pleasant coastal town on the southern edge of Guangdong Province, but also for having a selection of rather wonderful beaches. Not only that but there’s a smattering of islands just off the coast with even ...... Read More>>

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