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Zhuhai: Plants, Animals and Ecology

For a complete return to nature, there is no shortage of options in Zhuhai: whether you are a fan of aquatic wildlife, agrotourism, or whether you’ve always wondered what it was like for the Mayan settlements living in the Amazon rain forest, there is something for everyone. Read more>>

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Cup O’ Joe: Zhuhai’s Best Local Coffee Houses HOT

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Zhuhai's romantic seaside and urban landscape make this city the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee. Of course, branches of popular international and domestic chains such as Starbucks (星巴克), UBC Coffee (上岛咖啡) and Ming Tian (名...... Read More>>

5 Foreign-Friendly Places for Winter Shopping in Zhuhai HOT

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While taking long aimless walks down the streets of Zhuhai, one may be taken aback by the windfall of interesting stores that reveal themselves in the small nooks and corners of those side streets and lanes. I can’t claim to be an expert on all those ...... Read More>>

Best Places to Buy Imported Food in Zhuhai HOT

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Shopping for imported groceries in Zhuhai can be a daunting task for a visitor or newcomer. Chinese food is readily available virtually everywhere, from street vendors to supermarkets; but where can high quality imported groceries be found? Although...... Read More>>

A Guide to Western Dining in Zhuhai HOT

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Because of its special geographical location and its historical wonders, the words “Zhuhai” and "romantic" are often found together. This special romantic feeling can especially be found in Zhuhai’s excellent restaurants. Below we will ...... Read More>>

Exploring Zhuhai’s Nightlife: Harbor Bar Street HOT

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Not only does the bar street near the harbor in Zhuhai have one of the highest concentrations of bars in the city, it has got the newest, trendiest and the most popular ones. Every night after sundown, young people in the city gather here for drinks with ...... Read More>>

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