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Great Spots for Winter Skiing in Yinchuan HOT

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Winter is coming, and while that may be an excuse for some to curl up with a good book and never leave the house, the more health-conscious among us are probably looking for ways to stay active during the months ahead. If you're looking to get a little ...... Read More>>

Wetlands to Woodlands: the Parks of Yinchuan HOT

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Beat the summer heat in one of Yinchuan's beautiful parks. The city has it all from sprawling bird-filled wetlands to bustling city parks. Grab your family and friends, pack a picnic and relax in one of these gorgeous spots. The Mingcui Wetlands and the ...... Read More>>

Yinchuan’s 801 Creative Park – A 798 in the Making? HOT

Quietly nestled in the western suburbs of Yinchuan in Xixia District, close to Ningxia University, lies an unassuming factory complex that bears a striking resemblance to the famous 798 Art District in Beijing. However, unlike 798 which has developed ...... Read More>>

Helan Mountain Drive: Rugged Beauty, Ancient Sites and Scorpions HOT


The rugged mountains and open plains just west of Yinchuan city receive very little attention in travel guide books. However, the bare, yet striking mountain range is every bit deserving of attention and admiration as many other natural sites in China. The ...... Read More>>

Shapotou – A Thrilling Desert Getaway from Yinchuan HOT

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Provinces in China's northwest, including Ningxia, are often described as "China's Wild West", conjuring up images of rugged, long-haired horsemen riding through an expansive and unpredictable desert. However, most visitors passing through ...... Read More>>

Wanda Plaza Brings an International Flair to Yinchuan HOT

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The recently opened Wanda Plaza in Yinchuan has become a source of pride for Yinchuan locals. Despite being just another shiny new mall in a country infected by mall-building mania , this one stands out as a symbol of Yinchuan’s rapid development ...... Read More>>

Must-See Sites and Attractions in Yinchuan HOT

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Yinchuan has a history of more than 1,300 years, remnants of which are still seen standing in and around the city itself. From its ancient pagodas and imperial tombs to mysterious rock carvings and desert lakes, Yinchuan offers a wide range of ...... Read More>>

Top 5 Must-Try Local Delicacies in Yinchuan HOT

They say love goes through the stomach, and this may be particularly true when visiting Yinchuan. Not the most attractive, or cultured city in China, Yinchuan may seem like a grim, dry city – at first glance. However, talk to any local about the province’s...... Read More>>

The Inside Scoop on Rock Music Bars in Yinchuan HOT

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For a relatively small third tier city like Yinchuan, the increasing number of music bars popping up in the city may come as a surprise to many. However, Yinchuan is no stranger to rock n’ roll. Anyone who’s lived in Beijing with a keen interest in Chinese...... Read More>>

Sand Lake Scenic Area, an Amusement Oasis in the Desert HOT

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Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is one the most sparsely populated, dry and impoverished provinces in China and is located in what is often referred to as China’s “wild west”. The region is mostly desert apart from the more fruitful areas benefiting from ...... Read More>>

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