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6 New Kids on the Block: Xi’an Bar and Club Round-Up

With the number of tourists passing through and foreigners living in Xi’an the number of bars is ever increasing. This is a round-up of some of the newest bars, late-night restaurants and clubs since we last wrote about Xi’an’s nightlife. Read more>>

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Introducing the Most Popular Nightlife Spots in Xi’an HOT

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Going to the same place repetitively can get old, but one of the great things about Xi’an is that it offers a huge variety in bars, clubs, and hangouts. This article introduces just a couple of visit-worthy nightlife spots in Xi’an. ... Read More>>

Striking the Chord: Popular Karaoke’s in Xi’an HOT

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There are many karaoke’s in Xi'an, the most popular being big name brands like Cash Box KTV, Haoledi and Dagexing (Super Star). All three have the highest quality equipment and hardware, the most personable service and are thus very popular with visitors ...... Read More>>

Tang-Style Commercial & Cultural District: A Part of Xi'an that Never Sleeps HOT

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Xi’an’s Tang-Style Commercial & Cultural District (大唐不夜城) is located at the foot of theGiant Wild Goose Pagoda at Daci'en Temple near the Qu River. As the name suggests, it’s a commercial and cultural district renovated to resemble the style of ...... Read More>>

Club Culture: A Guide to Major Nightclubs in Xi'an HOT

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Bars and nightclubs in Xi'an have changed and developed with the unique, historic city that it is – branching into travel bars, recreational bars, cultural bars, etc. Each bar has its own set of elements that sets it apart, just like the people that come ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Xi'an's Bars and Nightlife HOT

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Xi’an certainly doesn’t have the biggest or most famous nightlife scene, but this is something that, like in many other cities around China, is changing fast. There’s an ever-increasing choice of bars in Xi’an; Irish pubs, live music venues, you name ...... Read More>>

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