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Cheese and Wine: Wuxi’s Best Import Supermarkets

A craving for the foods we grew up with happens to all of us, regardless of how long we’ve lived away from our home countries. Here in Wuxi, foreigners wishing to buy imported goods have a number of options at their disposal. Read more>>

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Exploring Wuxi’s Natural Scenery: Yuantouzhu Peninsula by Taihu Lake HOT

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Located nearby Wuxi, Taihu Lake is one of China’s largest freshwater lakes. But no description of Taihu Lake would be complete without mentioning Yuantouzhu (a.k.a. Turtle Head Isle) – a popular peninsular on the northwestern shore of the lake. ... Read More>>

Respite from the City: Relax at Wuxi’s Hot Springs HOT

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Wuxi can get pretty cold in the winter, so why not warm-up at one of the following four hot springs?! ... Read More>>

Battle of the Cinemas: The Best Movie Theaters in Wuxi HOT

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The summer blockbusters are here! Head indoors, grab some friends (or a hot date) and lounge in a luxury chair at one of Wuxi's many movie theatres. While there are number of different cinemas to choose from around town, they all cost about the ...... Read More>>

Finding the Spirit in Wuxi: Exploring Temples New and Old HOT

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Wuxi, a city with a history almost as long as China itself has despite its fast economic growth preserved a considerable amount of its religious architecture. Apart from the preserved ancient buildings, Wuxi also boasts an impressive array of newly ...... Read More>>

Wuxi after Dark: Recommended Night Tours HOT

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Wuxi is a typical riverside town located to the south of the Yangtze River; the Grand Canal (connecting Beijing – Hangzhou) traverses through the city. It is distinctly beautiful with attractions featuring riverside parks and ferry rides. Everyday at ...... Read More>>

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