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Wild Wuhan: Animal Parks

Whether you are looking for something to do with the family or with kids, or just for a good day trip, Wuhan has a lot of furry (or scaly) attractions. These are three of the best places to if you are an animal lover, or if you know someone who is. Read more>>

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Shopping and Attractions Along Wuhan’s Metro Line 2 HOT

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This guide will direct to all the sights and shopping to be had along Wuhan’s convenient Metro Line 2. ... Read More>>

Beat the Chill: Best Hot Spring Resorts Near Wuhan HOT

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One of the best ways to stay warm this winter season is to immerse yourself directly in a pool of soothing, hot water. For many Chinese, hot springs aren't just a relaxing way to do almost nothing; they're also good for your health. If you're feeling chilly ...... Read More>>

Fleeing the Heat: Best Summer Activities in Wuhan HOT

The first thing to be said about summer in Wuhan, especially for those expats getting ready to enjoy it for the first time, is that it's sizzling hot. The city is infamous for its long, scorching summers that leave most people trapped indoors with their air ...... Read More>>

Best Summer Escape near Wuhan: Wudang Mountain HOT

Wudang Mountain (武当山)is located in the city of Shi Yan(十堰)in Hubei province, which is only five hours by train or bus from Wuhan. This mountain is unarguably one of the top tourist attractions in China: the mountain’s ancient architecture is on ...... Read More>>

Three University Campuses in Wuhan that Connect You with Both Nature and Culture HOT

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"The most beautiful hills and lake fronts in Wuhan are all occupied by the universities", one Wuhan taxi driver once told me. Fortunately, the campuses of the universities in Wuhan are open to the public. Wuhan has the third most universities ...... Read More>>

A Breath of Fresh Air: Wuhan’s Top 6 Outdoor Parks HOT

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Every now and again, even the stealthiest urbanite can’t resist a dose of nature and tranquility. Wuhan is home to six impressive parks widely recognized as top national scenic spots. So whether you’re craving a walk by a lakeside, a stroll through a 1700 ...... Read More>>

New Ultra High-Speed Railway From Wuhan to Guangzhou HOT


On December 13th, 2009, the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway Passenger Line Company announced that on December 26th, the Wuhan to Guangzhou high-speed passenger line would officially begin trial operations. The new line is part of the overall Beijing to ...... Read More>>

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