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Wild Wuhan: Animal Parks

Whether you are looking for something to do with the family or with kids, or just for a good day trip, Wuhan has a lot of furry (or scaly) attractions. These are three of the best places to if you are an animal lover, or if you know someone who is. Read more>>

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The Ultimate Indulgence in Wuhan: Westin’s Bubbalicious Sunday Brunch HOT

Feel like treating yourself to something special? Then head over to the Westin (Wuhan) for their bodacious brunch. Indulge in a seemingly never-ending array of fresh seafood, cheeses, pizzas, desserts, cocktails and other mouth-watering delicacies. ... Read More>>

High Class Sipping: Try these Teahouses in Wuhan HOT

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In an intense urban environment like Wuhan, knowing how to relax with a good cup of tea is the power move. Here are our four top recommendations for a high-quality teahouse experience in Wuhan. ... Read More>>

A Breakfast of Kings: Wuhan’s Must-Try Morning Snacks HOT

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Dry noodles, three ingredient tofu strips, four season soup dumplings… If you’re passing through Wuhan, do yourself a favor and sample some of the best traditional breakfast delicacies the city has to offer. ... Read More>>

The Meat Challenge – Finding Good Steak in Wuhan HOT

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Let’s talk about something serious—no not politics or the mounting pollution problems plaguing Wuhan—food. There is one food that defines us as foreigners, that most of us crave more than a good burger and pizza: an awesome steak. There’s not much in ...... Read More>>

Too Much is Never Enough: Buffets in Wuhan HOT

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Eike Von Repkow described the experience of eating at a buffet eloquently back in 1220 when he said, “He who comes first, eats first.” There is nothing more thrilling than battling it out in a crowded buffet for chow or the thrill of discovery when ...... Read More>>

Your Guide to Wuhan’s Best Shopping and Snack Streets HOT

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Bo Derek once said, "Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping." In a city as enormous as Wuhan, with all its sprawling shopping centres, famous walking streets and off-the-beaten-path specialty stops, even an ...... Read More>>

Feeling Peckish? Foreign Food Shopping in Wuhan HOT

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The search for foreign groceries in Wuhan is a daunting and scrupulous task. It involves a lot of walking (so buy good walking shoes) and following up on second-hand reports and rumours about a foreign food “Mecca” that contains all of the delicious ...... Read More>>

Off the Beaten Path Pizzerias in Wuhan HOT

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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Chinese food is pretty fantastic. The way a skilled chef in China can coordinate various spices, vegetables and meats into dishes that not only taste great, but come off looking like pieces of art is awesome. If you ...... Read More>>

Unique Wine-Tasting Venues in Wuhan HOT

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The Chinese usually coin the term “red wine” as a generic name referring to all types of wine and not always red wine. Wine is classified according to its different attributes. When speaking about the color of wine, for example, it generally falls into ...... Read More>>

A Wuhan Afternoon: 4 Can’t-Miss Cafés HOT

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Autumn is approaching and Wuhan is finally beginning to shed its scorching heat. What could be better than enjoying the last few weeks of warmth relaxing with a fresh cup of aromatic coffee? Wuhan has many cafés that, while perhaps not as impressive as the ...... Read More>>

Très Délicieux: French Restaurants in Wuhan HOT

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French cuisine enjoys a high reputation in all corners of the world and is most often associated with top-of-the-line dining in the gourmet world. In China things are no different; French food represents great cooking and is associated with romance, suave, ...... Read More>>

Popular Expat Restaurants in Wuhan HOT

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Think back to a time when you were back home and could eat anything you wanted without the crushing sadness of discovering it didn’t exist. Even though Wuhan is still developing at a rapid pace, some of your favourite meals remain a long time away from ...... Read More>>

Get Fantastic Food and Nightlife in Thriving Wuhan HOT

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If you’ve never experienced Wuhan, you should first understand that it’s divided into three distinctly different areas. Hankou is the business district and has by far the best shopping, bars and restaurants. Wuchang is the cultural district and has more ...... Read More>>

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