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A Weekend in the Central Asia of China: Kashgar

For an extravagant weekend, or during a holiday, a visit to Kashgar is very doable from Urumqi. The city allegedly boasts the largest bazaar in Asia, and arguably the best food in the country originates here. So what are you waiting for? Read more>>

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A Taste of Authenticity: Urumqi’s Street Foods HOT

If you've travelled to a Chinese city, chances are you've had a few meals of mystery meat at a sketchy outdoor stall. Urumqi is no different, but with its large Muslim population, the street food here is much more Middle Eastern in character. Instead of ...... Read More>>

Like Desert Roses: A Guide to Urumqi’s Cafes HOT

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If you're spending a prolonged stay in Xinjiang, chances are you'll probably find yourself homesick for a laowai's favourite beverage. Unfortunately Urumqi is about a thousand miles from the nearest Starbucks, so you'll have to find someplace a bit ...... Read More>>

The Spice and Stir of Urumqi’s Best Muslim Restaurants HOT

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Urumqi has the largest Muslim population in China, so it’s not surprising Muslim restaurants can be found on virtually every street corner of the city. While many of these lesser-known restaurants are delicious and well worth a visit, there are a number ...... Read More>>

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