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Tianjin TEDA: Keeping Up with Restaurants and Bars in the Area

No place in China, or probably the world, develops quicker than the special economic zones, and TEDA in Tianjin is definitely no exception. Since our last article, a whole range of new stuff has opened, especially for foreigners, as numbers of foreign workers employed and living in the area are steadily increasing. Read more>>

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Merry Times: The Best Happy Hours in Tianjin HOT

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With a number of restaurants, bars and clubs across Tianjin offering happy hours, it is easy to indulge whilst saving money. We’re here to help you get happy everyday! Here’s a round-up of some of the best happy hour deals in the city. ... Read More>>

Partying in Tianjin – Popular Nightclubs HOT

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Although Tianjin is not renowned for having a particularly wild party scene and compared with cities such as Beijing and Shanghai may seem rather tame, it definitely possesses the right ingredients for a fun and often unexpectedly entertaining night out. A ...... Read More>>

Sing it Like a Star: Tianjin’s Top KTV Venues HOT

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There are many places to sing karaoke in Tianjin, but the best are still Holiday and Pearl of the Orient. They have branches conveniently located in the hippest neighborhoods in town. Not only do these two boast the best facilities, the latest tracks, and ...... Read More>>

Movie Magic: Top Cinemas in Tianjin HOT

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What's there not to love about a night at the movies? With the smell of freshly made popcorn wafting through the air, and your favourite film stars blown up huge on the screen, watching movies on the big screen simply has a greater impact than watching at ...... Read More>>

Where to Listen to Live Rock Music in Tianjin HOT

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Tianjin is just a hop and a throw from Beijing, China’s rock n’ roll capital and home to an ever-increasing number of live music venues and music bars. Although Tianjin does have a live music scene of its own (albeit a very small one), overall the scene ...... Read More>>

TEDA's Third Avenue HOT


For foreigners living in Tianjin, TEDA is a little mysterious. TEDA, though considered part of Tianjin, is forty kilometres away, or forty minutes by light rail, and has numerous distinct characteristics. ... Read More>>

Line 'em Up: Top 5 Bars in Tianjin HOT

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In cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the volume and variety of bars is such that it is easy to divide them into endless sub-categories. 'Bars to eat', 'bars for live music', 'bars to hook-up', the list can go on and on. In Tianjin, the lack of choice ...... Read More>>

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