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Tianjin TEDA: Keeping Up with Restaurants and Bars in the Area

No place in China, or probably the world, develops quicker than the special economic zones, and TEDA in Tianjin is definitely no exception. Since our last article, a whole range of new stuff has opened, especially for foreigners, as numbers of foreign workers employed and living in the area are steadily increasing. Read more>>

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Parks in Tianjin: Water Slides, Free Gyms and More HOT

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If you’re in need for respite from the urban hustle and bustle of modern day Tianjin, look no further than the city’s major parks. From fun water parks to tropical plants, Tianjin’s parks appeal to people of all ages. ... Read More>>

Having Fun at Tianjin's Haibin Travel Resort HOT


If you’re looking for some summer fun in Tianjin that offers you a chance to escape the city then Haibin Travel Resort is an ideal choice. The area located in Tanggu District, is well known for its water park, hot springs and man-made beaches.... Read More>>

A Sightseeing Guide to the Hai River, Tianjin HOT

Colourful flowers and plants in the park, different styles of bridges, kaleidoscopic lights after nightfall and historic architecture are all part of what you'll enjoy during a sightseeing trip down the Hai River in Tianjin. The beautiful scenery around the ...... Read More>>

Hungry in the Streets of Tianjin – Traditional Food and Snacks HOT

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After telling any Chinese person that you’re moving to Tianjin, their first response will most likely be “you’re going to get fat.” That’s because Tianjin is well known across China for its dumplings, sweet cakes and fried dough sticks. And with so ...... Read More>>

Concession Life: Exploring Tianjin’s Famous Colonial Buildings HOT

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Tianjin has a long and diverse colonial history. The city was once home to nine different countries’ concessions, the legacy of which can still be seen today in the city’s varied architectural styles and charming buildings. During its heyday as a foreign ...... Read More>>

TEDA's Third Avenue HOT


For foreigners living in Tianjin, TEDA is a little mysterious. TEDA, though considered part of Tianjin, is forty kilometres away, or forty minutes by light rail, and has numerous distinct characteristics. ... Read More>>

Tianjin to Construct 10 New Unique Commercial Streets HOT


In order to satisfy consumer demand and improve the commercial viability of Tianjin, the city will construct a total of ten new and unique commercial streets, each one with its own distinctiveness and special focus. Among the plans, is an alteration of one ...... Read More>>

History, Revisited: Attractions new and old in Tianjin HOT

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One of the most common refrains from my friends in Beijing is that they have, “always meant” to make the journey to Tianjin, but have somehow, “never got around to it”. In northern China, Tianjin is something of the forgotten sibling, overshadowed by ...... Read More>>

Rivertown: The Bridges of Tianjin HOT

In various articles and travel programs, you may hear the label 'The City of Bridges'. Pittsburgh and Florence are just two cities that have been granted this moniker. However, with thirteen bridges spanning the Haihe and its tributaries, Tianjin also has a ...... Read More>>

Buffing up on History: New Attractions of Old Tianjin HOT


In recent years a number of new attractions have opened in Tianjin seeking to give a flavor of old town life. Places like the Ancient Culture Street and the Tianjin Museum may be relatively newly built, but they nevertheless offer fascinating insights into ...... Read More>>

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