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History of Taiyuan

As the capital of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan was referred to as Jinyang during ancient times or Bing for short. The ancient city's history dates back over 2500 years with its emergence during the Spring and Autumn Period. In terms of Chinese history, the city has played many roles including a capital city during the ...Read more>>

All Taiyuan Essential Guide

Taiyuan Transport - Introduction HOT

Taiyuan is the hub of transportation for the Shanxi Province, easily reached by air, rail and road. The rail system, originally used extensively by the city's coal industry, is extremely popular with both locals and visitors. It is the starting point of ...... Read More>>

Office Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Overview Office buildings in Taiyuan are mainly concentrated in Xinghualing District, Xiaodian District and Yingze District, in which over 90% of the office buildings in the city are located. Wanbailin District, Jiancaiping District and Jinyuan District are home to the remaining 10% of all commercial office buildings. The ... ...Read More>>

Business Links

◎ Taiyuan Municipal People's Government ◎ Long City Hotline (Chinese) ◎ Taiyuan Economic Information Website ◎ Shanxi Foreign Investment Website (Chinese) ◎ China Taiyuan International Coal & ... ...Read More>>

Preferential Policy

Preferential Tax Policy Highlights State regulations provide that the income tax for enterprises with foreign investment is 30% of the taxable income, but enterprises operating in Taiyuan municipality will enjoy a favorable tax rate of 24% and enterprises operating within special pilot zones will enjoy an even more favorable rate of 15%. Any ... ...Read More>>

Labor force

Human Resource Overview Taiyuan City is the centre of science research, education, culture and health in Shanxi Province. The city has over 277,400 professional technicians and over 100 independent institutes for scientific research maintaining a strong focus on research in the fields of energy and chemical industrial products. By the end of ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Post &Telecommunications

In 2006, postal and telecommunications revenues totaled 6.33 billion RMB, with 1.76 million fixed-line telephone service subscribers, 2.52 million mobile telephone service subscribers and 468, 900 Internet service subscribers. ...Read More>>

Municipal Government

Mayor Mayor: Zhang Bingsheng Municipal Departments • Taiyuan Municipal People's Government Add: 155 Xinjian Lu, Taiyuan Postcode: 030002 Tel: 0351-4227229 • Taiyuan Office of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Add: 155 Xinjian Lu, Taiyuan Postcode: 030002 Tel: 0351-4225977 • Foreign Affairs Office and Overseas Chinese of ... ...Read More>>

Investment Procedure

1. Procedures of Foreign Invested Projects 2. Establishing a Representative Office in Taiyuan Foreign enterprises shall make application to the Taiyuan Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau (TYFTECB) and submit the following documents: (1) Application for establishing a representative office signed by the legal representative of the ... ...Read More>>

Development Zones

Taiyuan National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone The Taiyuan National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is a state-level hi-tech zone approved by the State Council in 1991 as the first zone of its kind in Shanxi Province and with a planning area of 60.8 square kilometers. The zone is home to the entrances of the Jing-Tai expressway, the ... ...Read More>>

Planning & Development

Strategic Planning and Development Taiyuan's goal is to be one of the country's leading industrial bases, a cultural city and modern metropolis with an advanced economy and a sound environment for businesses and residents. The strategic development of Taiyuan includes plans to continue building the new CBD in the city's south end, centered ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Transportation

Roads There are 8 major expressways in Taiyuan and by the end of 2006 the length of urban roadbed had reached 3,174 kilometers. The construction of the Taiyuan-Jiuguan Expressway has greatly reduced the distance between Taiyuan and Beijing/Tianjin to 5 hours. The Taiyuan East Hill Expressway and the Yuanping-Taiyuan Expressway are all open to ... ...Read More>>

Municipal Infrastructure - Public Utilities

Taiyuan has a more than sufficient supply of coal, power, water, gas and heat at relatively low prices and so has advantages in terms of energy supply for developing an export-oriented economy. In 2006, total power supply was 14.497 billion kwhs, while daily average water supply was 863,000 tons. The total supply of coal gas and liquefied ... ...Read More>>

Business Environment

Geographical Advantages Taiyuan is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in north China and is surrounded by hills to the west, north and east. It covers an area of 6,998 square kilometers and the Fenhe River, a key tributary of the Yellow River, runs through the city for a distance of 100 kilometers. Taiyuan lies in the basin ... ...Read More>>

Foreign Trade & Foreign Direct

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) In 2006, economic growth in Taiyuan received a significant boost from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investors, with combined investment from the three up by 43.0%. The number of foreign-funded enterprises in Taiyuan reached over 1,000, with total accumulated capital investment of US$6.32 billion. Overseas investors ... ...Read More>>

Strategic Industries

Taiyuan's industrial boom began when after the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the Central government saw the place as ideal for building a massive industrial complex, fed by the abundant natural resources in the area. After more than 50 years of development, the city possesses a complete industrial system with its industrial ... ...Read More>>

Taiyuan Business Guide - Economic Overview HOT

Vital Statistics (2006) GDP: RMB 101.3 billion GDP per Capita: RMB 29,497 Economic Growth Rate: 11.5% Population: 2.79 million (urban) – 0.65 million (rural) FDI: US$138 million Annual Average Wage: RMB21, 424 Government Effectiveness Rating: 97th 2006 Chinese Cities Competitive Rating: 64th Economic Overview Taiyuan, nicknamed the ... ...Read More>>

Statistics HOT

• GDP: RMB 208.0 billion (2011) • Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents: RMB 17,258 (2010) • Economic Growth Rate: 9.9% (2011) • Resident Population: 4.2 million (2010) • Unemployment Rate: 4% (2010) • Enrollment Rate for Children of School Age: 100% (2010) • Enrollment Rate for High School Students ... ...Read More>>

Area & Population HOT

Taiyuan covers nearly 7000 square kilometers, 211 square kilometers of which is urban. It is a relatively small city, with a population of around 4.2 million. Of the total resident population, 2,151,715 are males, accounting for 51.21% and 2,049,876 are females, accounting for 48.79%. Ethnically, Taiyuan is over 99% Han, with many tiny minority ... ...Read More>>

Location and Climate HOT

Taiyuan sits just north of the Loess Plateau in Shanxi Province, about 110°30' east and 113°9' north, and is fringed on three sides by mountains. The climate is dry: the city receives about 450 mm (18 inches) of rain a year, and no snow in winter, despite the January average minimums of -14 C (7F). Summers are warm, with July average ... ...Read More>>

Taiyuan Transport - Bus HOT

The city of Taiyuan is covered by nearly 70 bus lines, which wind across the urban area into the suburbs. Within the city, all journeys cost 1 RMB, with longer journeys into the suburbs and beyond costing more depending on distance. Passengers can buy travel cards called “IC cards” from the bus company office and enjoy the small ... ...Read More>>

Taiyuan Nightlife HOT

There are, unfortunately, only a few nice party bars in Taiyuan. However, local KTVs grace almost every street corner, making your stay in Taiyuan the perfect opportunity to overindulge in inebriated karaoke.... Read More>>

Brief Intro to Taiyuan Shopping HOT

Though goods are not extraordinarily varied – you'll see many of the same items in shop after shop – this is Shanxi Province's best shopping destination. Other than the shopping centers and areas listed below, there are other, less explored ...... Read More>>

Taiyuan Local Food HOT

Shanxi Noodles 山西面条 Shanxi is known for its assortment of savory noodles that have been kneaded into different shapes and sizes. Mao Erduo noodles are so named for their similarity to cat’s ears, while others, such as Pulled Noodle and Fried Oat ...... Read More>>

Taiyuan Travel Tips HOT

Taiyuan is at its best during the months from May to October when the weather is warmest. During spring, though the temperature is mild, the city is subjected to strong winds which make this an uncomfortable time to visit; contact lens users should wear ...... Read More>>

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