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Step into Taiyuan’s Past: Four Qing Dynasty Traditional Family Courtyards

Shanxi Province during the Ming and Qing dynasties was extremely famous for both its trading companies and distinctive traditional family courtyards, which were built by large merchant families. Here are four that are well preserved and definitely worth a visit. Read more>>

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The Enduring Charm of Taiyuan’s “Willow Alley” (Liuxiang) HOT

There’s no doubt these days that the Chinese know how to shop. As the middle classes get more disposable income, they need more places to dispose of it. And ‘Willow Alley’, or Liuxiang in Taiyuan is the perfect place to come to! ... Read More>>

Western Restaurants in Taiyuan HOT

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While, Taiyuan still has a long way to go in catching up to Western dining in first tier cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, this article introduces three restaurants when craving some good old Western grub. ... Read More>>

A stroll through Taiyuan’s Stylish Cafes HOT

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Taiyuan is a city of antique beauty; although not developing as quickly as some cities, it has a serene, relaxed quality and these cafes are a result of this amicable atmosphere. Below we introduce several Taiyuan cafes with elegant environments and ...... Read More>>

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